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  • Laiklee Gwendolyn (pronounced Lake Lee): 6 (86%)
  • Aprella Joyner: 1 (14%)

As long as you can convince your brother NOT to name her [name]Rebel[/name], I think any of the other options would be OK. Not great, but OK. I know a little boy named [name]Rebel[/name], and although he is a good kid, he gets a lot of flack from his name. It is quite definitely a handicap for him in social situations - both with his peers and with adults.

I think Laiklee is a pretty sounding name, but I think that spelling it differently might help. Lakeley (similar to [name]Oakley[/name]) or Lakely would be better. I didn’t know how to pronounce Laiklee based on that spelling.

Good luck helping him choose a name for your niece! You’re going to need it! :slight_smile:

Atoinette [name]Grace[/name] is pretty.

I agree with another poster Laiklee sounds nice but the spelling is off it makes more sense to have it spelt Lakely, there would be less pronunciation issues. Maybe you could suggest this to your sister in law.

The name itself isn’t bad, but the spelling is REALLY bad. It’s not even phonetic. Lakely and Venture are the best names on the list. Please don’t let them pick [name]Rebel[/name] Confederate!!!

Laiklee Amae is pretty with the alternate spelling Lakely, like everyone has said. [name]Even[/name] without the alternate spelling it is far better than most others.

[name]Antoinette[/name] [name]Grace[/name] is also okay. She could be called [name]Annie[/name].