Laparoscopic ovarian drilling, anyone?

My procedure is scheduled for the 20th. My pre-op is next week. I’ve had surgery before - ortho (ankle) x2 in '05, uterine polypectomy and breast reduction in '11. But I’m still kinda nervous. My BP has been high last coupe visits, I have anxiety sensitivity, left over from my mostly self-cured panic disorder, and I just kind of worry about, like, I don’t know… Dying. It’s dumb. I know. But there it is. [name]General[/name] anesthesia trips me out.

And then there’s the fear that it won’t work. Which I am pretty good at ignoring. Gotta stay positive!

We haven’t been TTC very long but my doc took my hx and blood and looked at an u/s and was like, you’re not got getting pregnant without help. And he says he’d prefer to do the LOD before the Clomid because my ovaries are so cystic they need to have the mass reduced or he’s worried Clomid will be a waste of time.

Anyway. Blah. I’m just… PCOS. Basically. If you have it you probably know what I mean.

I was on a TTC site for a while but I had to get off because the obsessing was just bad. And so I tried to think about work and life and whatnot but now my op is around the corner, I’ve lost zero pounds, I’m scared, and… I don’t know, I just want a baby, you guys. I mean, there it all is.

That is what you call a rant. To strangers. On the Internet. Who just want to talk about baby names.

Sorry. I’m going to bed. LOL! I’m sure it’ll be fine. Gotta get my mind right. [name]Danger[/name] is real but fear is a choice. (I got that from a trailer to a [name]Will[/name] [name]Smith[/name] movie. Because I’m deep.)

Of course it’s very normal to be concerned, but you’ve had general anesthesia before without complications, so you chance of a problem is nearly nil. Laparoscopic procedures have very little pain or recovery time (you might find yourself taking no narcotics at all), and your innards don’t feel pain the same way that your skin does, so even though ‘drilling’ sounds painful you might feel a vague ache, nothing more.

As you well know PCOS can nearly be reversed, in many cases, by a healthy body weight and glycemic contol if that’s an issue for you. That is within your control. That’s not meant to be preachy at all, but rather a very healthy and productive way to channel your anxieties.

Best of luck!

Body weight and glycemic control are issues for me. I finally lost about 75 lbs on a “zero carb diet.” (No such thing, I know; term of art to describe a diet consisting of all animal-sourced foods.) Sounds extreme but I appear to be so insulin resistant that even very low carb doesn’t work. I ate nothing but animal food for 10 months, added green vegetables and stopped losing. I ate a low carb and sometimes standard food pyramid diet for a few months while wedding planning and being broke and stressed, and gained back 30 lbs. Now I am down net 40ish, and trying to make myself go zero carb again. Apparently I have no choice if I want to lose weight but it is no way to live long term. It is a very restrictive lifestyle.

Are you on Metformin?

I don’t have a lot of diet advice, but I do think an all-animal diet is very unhealthy. You’re shunting your normal metabolic processes through to the alternative, backup, starvation ones (ketosis) and actually you preferentially burn muscle mass over fat. Not to mention the dangers to your heart, brain and vasculature from the fats and cholesterol. I would discuss it with your doctor but in my strong opinion it is far better to be overweight but eating a balanced diet.

What about the aerobic exercise half of the equation?

For anyone reading, fertility is very closely linked to body weight, particularly percent body fat. If you’re underweight you become amenorrheic, and if you’re overweight you get a cluster of hormonal and metabolic dysregulation which is either PCOS or something very much like it. High blood sugar causes glucose moieties to be deposited on a lot of your cellular bits, which your body interprets as either extreme stress or as overwhelming infection (both of which were much more common in human history than being overweight and insulin resistant). This shuts down your reproductive axis. Fat secretes estrogen, which in turn regulates FsH and LH, which control fertility.

I exercise 4 or 5 days a week, about 30 minutes a day. I’ve been doing it religiously for about 4 months until a couple weeks ago when I went to DC and came back sick. I should be back up and running (literally) in a day or so. I alternately walk/jog and then the fitness room for about 10 mins. My husband is active duty military and has to pass periodic PT tests so he is very disciplined, in good shape, and motivates me.

I’m glad to hear you say that about zero carb. There is a small community of people who would argue with you about it. Hard. Athletes and others who have eaten only animal foods for years and swear by their good health. While I so thank Zc for my initial weight loss, I did feel like something was missing from my diet and honestly from my life.

I know a lot of people whine about how they can’t lose weight. While they sit around eating bread and pasta and cupcakes. But I am probably the most disciplined person I know when it comes to food. I didn’t eat A carb for ten months. Nothing but meat, dairy, eggs, water, and unsweetened tea. Not so much as a Splenda packet. I have pretty tremendous will power when I make up my mind.

My point - and I’m 80% sure I have one - is that I’m not sitting here eating Oreos and complaining I can’t lose weight. I just am one of those people who is tremendously sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations. It really does takeme being incredibly strict about refined sugar and starchy foods to lose any weight, and even with the exercise I am not losing. [name]Doc[/name] says keep doing what you’re doing. [name]Don[/name]'t worry. (He recommended paleo so that’s what I do, pretty much.) But it’s frustrating. I went two months and lost zero pounds. So I ate pizza three days in a row and now I feel borderline suicidal. (that’s a joke.) I can’t tolerate wheat/gluten AT ALL (celiac) but I was just, like, eff it. Scale’s not movin. Pizza time.

I don’t know what my point is. My point is I need to stop whining and keep trying. That’s my point. :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for your advice and for listening. I just need perseverance and a good attitude. I just feel tired and nervous and needed to vent.

I can’t offer advice on the fertility front, but i had surgery in [name]August[/name] and was SO nervous about the anesthesia. I didn’t even care about the pain or procedure in comparison to being worried about going under. I had my wisdom teeth extracted 8 years ago and the anesthesia was just… bad.
Ask about options for your nervousness. They gave me some versed (ver-said pronunciation) and it took the edge off. I intellectually knew I was nervous, but i didn’t feel it if that makes sense. Of course it can kind of remove your inhibitions and some people get a little bit talkative/loopy on it. I was talking all about wanting a cheeseburger, apparently. I remember mentioning it but my boyfriend says I was going on and on about the specifications of said cheeseburger. Unfortunately, I had to have my lymph nodes mapped before the surgery which involved needles into my pinky toe (WHO gets melanoma on their pinky toe?!). The mapping was very very very yucky and I cursed very very very much, whereas i probably would have cursed slightly less in the Catholic hospital without the drug :wink:
I was just really happy for the versed, and would recommend it if you’re nervous.

Oh and I tried Metformin. Ended up in the ER. It made me feel like I was dying. [name]Just[/name] terrible lethargy, malaise, overall awful feeling. [name]Doc[/name] sent me to ER afraid of lactic acidosis. It wasn’t that, but he told me to stop taking it. My endo and gyno say I don’t need it…?

I do take thyroid meds, T3 and T4.

I was an avid and disciplined dancer til my early 20s so maybe I’m just one of those people who needs to move 3 hours a day. I have steadily gotten fatter ever since I quit and now I am an un-bendy fat mess.

LOL thank you! In the past they have always started an IV well before the surgery and given me something. Valium or something. That’s happened with all my surgeries I think. (It’s kinda hard to remember what happens right before surgeries, ha!) I tend to try to tough things out, and if anybody asks me if I’m nervous I pretend to be [name]Dwayne[/name] The [name]Rock[/name] [name]Johnson[/name]. “Who me? Psh. I’m fine! I busted three perps yesterday.” I don’t know why I have a tough guy complex LOL. No one is supposed to know I’m scared or in pain. It’s incredibly dumb. But apparently they can tell, or it’s SOP, cause I get Valium anyway.

I think you couldn’t be getting better advice on the anesthesia front than from @blade.

But if it helps, I’d think of this like you thought of your diet. It’s just one of those things you HAVE to do to get what you ultimately want. Your own little baby. When you are getting stressed out don’t forget to keep the prize in mind… your own beautiful little bundle of endless joy. Try channeling that feeling of joy your anticipating.

Re: anesthesia-- it’s impossible to overestimate how automated things are with the anesthesia circuit, monitoring your vital signs, and monitoring your respiration while you’re under. And agin, adverse reactions to the inhalational anesthetics are largely genetic. If you’ve had it once, with no problems, you can essentially stop worrying for the rest of your life that you would have a prole, which is already very rare to start with.

MissUSH, out of curiosity were you on your all-animal diet when you tried Metformin?

Homeostasis is the key to understanding weight gain and weight loss. Your state of health during puberty and young adulthood-- more specifically, how much you weighed and what you were doing to maintain that weight. If you were on a very strict calorie-restricted diet, or were yo-yoing, or were very physically active, you essentially programmed yourself to be an ‘energy conserver.’ You became very metabolically efficient and cautious, stocking up for the lean season your body was expecting. Once you begin eating normally (or badly), or reducing your activity level to a normal (or sedate) lifestyle, the pounds pile on. So it might well be the case that you need to get back to intense physical activity coupled with a normal diet in order to re-achieve homeostasis. And, FYI, you cannot be physically active without eating carbs. they’re the immediate energy source. Once your body realizes you have access to a secure food supply, with enough calories to keep you going, it ‘relaxes’ all of these adaptive starvation mechanisms and processes and you begin to burn excess fat.

First, thanks for the info on the GA. I am not intensely worried about it in particular. I think I am just worried in general, and my mind is picking up whatever it can to worry about.

On the Met, I was trying to do the zero carb thing, but I was “cheating” a lot. I wasn’t eating what I would call a balanced diet, though. Not a lot of vegetables. The last few days I was on ot, I ate fairly normally. I wasn’t thinking about my diet because I just felt so bad.

The information you’ve given me is fascinating. I was quite active as a kid. I started gaining weight when I started dancing less, in late high school. Up through my sophomore year, I would be in rehearsal up to 3 hours a day. When I quit drill and started doing theatre, I started gaining. (I was never small or slender, always very curvy.) When I left college I quit dancing and slowly started just gaining and gaining.

As for diet, I’ve always been a dieter. I remember complaining about my stomach when I was nine years old, and my mom saying, “You could stand to lose a few.” Never forget that. My mom always had a Slim Fast for breakfast or was complaining about being fat. She was super slender and tiny until her third pregnancy with my twin bros, and I guess her hormones never normalized because she never got small again, and I always heard about it.

So I’ve been doing SOMETHING - from irresponsible crap like Metabolife pills and laxatives in my younger years, to Weight Watchers and NutriSystem later - pretty much since I was in high school. I’m always on a diet.

All the people on the zero carb forum where I lurked and even posted for a little while swore by it. There were marathon runners and weight lifters and such, some of them living off pemmican only. They encouraged no exercise while you were losing weight. I took a while to convince but finally decided, after a year of reading, to try the diet and not exercise. In 10 months, eating meat and not exercising, I lost 70 lbs. But I just started to feel like I was missing something from my diet and life.

God bless 'em if they can eat nothing but animals and still run marathons and stuff. I just don’t think it’s right for me, but I don’t know exactly what is. Maybe you’re right, maybe I just need to be hitting it hard for a long time every day, and eat more normally.

Anyway, thanks again blade. I really do appreciate it.

And thank you too lexiem!

It’s nice to just to vent somewhere to an “anonymous” web. :slight_smile: