Lara V. Laurel

Dear Berrries,

I would like to hear your connotations behind both names, please be ruthless!
Who is [name_f]Lara[/name_f]?
Who is [name_f]Laurel[/name_f]?

Sometimes I think [name_f]Lara[/name_f] is a little naff and sometimes I think [name_f]Laurel[/name_f] is too much like [name_f]Lauren[/name_f] which I don’t like at all. I am looking for a classic L name as an honour name but where I live every second girl is called [name_f]Laura[/name_f], so that is now out. I don’t like [name_f]Lucinda[/name_f] or [name_f]Lavinia[/name_f] either, sadly.

I think [name_f]Lara[/name_f] and [name_f]Laurel[/name_f] could be whoever they want to be.

[name_f]Do[/name_f] you like:

This really died a very quick death! I would still love to hear connotations on both names, imagination is a gift

[name_f]Lara[/name_f] seems very “cool” to me and makes me think of [name_f]Lara[/name_f] Croft, the model [name_f]Lara[/name_f] [name_m]Stone[/name_m] and the character from [name_m]Doctor[/name_m] [name_m]Zhivago[/name_m]. [name_f]Laurel[/name_f] is more unusual and makes me think of the plant. I think they’re both pretty names.

[name_f]Lara[/name_f] is really [name_f]Lara[/name_f] Croft-like to me, she’s a brave, fun-loving person. It also feels kind of European to me since I know 2 [name_f]Lara[/name_f]'s, one from Germany and one from [name_u]Holland[/name_u]
[name_f]Laurel[/name_f] is more of the shy bookworm to me (which is also great!)
I think I prefer [name_f]Lara[/name_f]'s image but [name_f]Laurel[/name_f]'s sound

I love [name_f]Lara[/name_f]!