What is your opinion of the name [name]Leighton[/name] for a little girl?

Like any of these better?:

Out of all the names you have listed there I like [name]Eliza[/name] the best

Its personally not my style but if you truly love it, I say go for it. But out of the names on your list, I personally love [name]Eliza[/name]:). Good luck!

I actually quite like [name]Leighton[/name], which is rather a departure from my normal style. I do like [name]Eliza[/name] best of them all.

I like it, but only pronounced [name]Lee[/name]-Ton.

I like it the best out of your life. I don’t like [name]Drew[/name], or [name]Easton[/name] for a girl at all.

Really? I don’t like the [name]Lee[/name]-ton way at all. [name]Drew[/name] and [name]Carson[/name] are my best friends names (both girls). So I would only use it as a middle.

I like [name]Leighton[/name] and it is one of the names that seems truly unisex to me, though I prefer it for boys, I still love it for girls. I also like [name]Eliza[/name] and [name]Sage[/name] from your list as well :slight_smile: