Leo and Hugo

These names are in the top ten in [name]France[/name] but not very popular in the States? Why?

I have a son named [name]Leo[/name]. If [name]Hugo[/name] didn’t end with the same letter as [name]Leo[/name] I would name a kid [name]Hugo[/name] in a skinny minute! I love both of these names.
I cannot imagine why they aren’t more popular in the states. Although, I do think [name]Leo[/name] is climbing in popularity.


I know a fair few [name]Leos[/name] and Hugos in the UK, they seem to be getting more popular too. I think they are great names, classic and masculine but short and upbeat to still feel modern.

Give them a few years. Although [name]Hugo[/name] may be somewhat tempered by a character on the TV show Lost by that name.

While both names aren’t exactly popular in US, they are rising. As of 2008, [name]Leo[/name] was the 227th most popular name, and [name]Hugo[/name] was the 389th. I do agree with [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] that other countries are “ahead” of the US in naming trends. Also, names with that have an “o” are apparently stylish now.