how do you pronounce this name

I’ve always heard it said [name]Lee[/name]-OWN-ee or [name]Lay[/name]-OWN-ee

[name]Lay[/name] OH nee is the French pronunciation. I think a lot of English speakers say lee OH nee though. I prefer the French pronunciation personally.

I would probably say lay-OH-nee in my head, then remember I’m in the US and correct myself to saying lee-OH-nee out loud.

Beautiful name :slight_smile: and I prefer the lay-OH-nee pronunciation.

This is my daughter’s name! We say [name]Lee[/name]-oh-nee…people sometimes say [name]Lay[/name]-oh-nee and I don’t correct them. My name is [name]Tah[/name]-ruh and I get Tar-uh a lot, both are ‘correct’ so I just kind of let people say it either way for the both of us!


I would say [name]Lee[/name]-onie, but I think [name]Leonie[/name] sounds prettier. My mind just doesn’t jump to it first.

I’d say [name]Lay[/name]-Oh-Nee. It’s a very pretty name :slight_smile:


My grandmother’s name and I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it any other way. But am aware that in Europe there are different pronounciations (it is very popular in places like Germany and [name]Austria[/name] atm)

My mother in laws middle name is [name]Leonie[/name] and she pronounces it [name]Lee[/name]-Own-EE

As others have said, it is pronounced [name]Lay[/name]-oh-nee in [name]France[/name]. Either pronunciation seems fine in an English-speaking country.