less than 2 weeks!! Need help

We are expecting our second boy in less than 2 weeks. His brother’s name is [name]Jaymeson[/name] [name]Arik[/name] (nm [name]Jay[/name]) - We can’t agree on any names…So far I like [name]Braydon[/name] (nm [name]Brady[/name]), [name]Kolton[/name] (nm [name]Kole[/name]), [name]Griffin[/name] (nm [name]Finn[/name])… My husband likes [name]Gavin[/name]…and isn’t really sold on my names…

Does anyone have any other suggestions for boy names tht might be similar to the track we’re on?? Or any options/thoughts about the names I listed?? The middle name will probably be either [name]Jeffrey[/name] or [name]Alan[/name] (both family names) depending on what sounds better with the first name.

Thanks for your help!!