Linnea: accent mark or no accent mark?

We keep coming back to [name]Linnea[/name]. So far it’s the only girl’s name my husband will entertain, and I do love it for the biology connection and sounds. I am concerned about pronunciation, though. We like li-NAY-uh, not so much LEEN-e-uh. It’s not the end of the world to have to correct people (and I am sure we would have to), but I’d like to avoid some of that if we can do so while still using this name. Might it help if there were an accent mark over the “e”? For practical reasons (for example, I don’t even know how to type an accented “e” into this forum) I am not sure whether this is a good idea!

Thoughts? Experiences? Other considerations?

Is anyone here named [name]Linnea[/name], [name]Renee[/name], or other somewhat common name, with an accent?


I think you are right to add an accent. I want my daughter to have the mn [name]Theresa[/name] pronounced the French way Th-[name]RAY[/name]-sa. So I think its necessary. I suggest using a slanted line positioned to the right. I can’t remember what the proper name for it is.
But then again it won’t be one official documents and I suppose people will get used to it over time.
Linnea is beautiful anyway! :slight_smile:

I think the pronunciation is simple enough that an accent isn’t necessary. I don’t know anyone in the US who has an accent in their name, and I don’t know how it’s processed in official forms and things like that. Like you said, I wouldn’t even know how to type it in the forum - I think the only way is to copy/paste, or maybe there’s a browser extension you could get? I only just figured out how to add accent marks in Microsoft Word without having to click through all the possible symbols to insert. I’d think most people in the US wouldn’t know how to handle an accent mark in those practical ways, many people wouldn’t know how it affects the pronunciation (they might think it’s linn-EE-a, for example,) and it would probably be ignored more than half the time anyway. It would add more time and trouble for her to have to explain the accent mark than to correct pronunciation. I think it’s awful that accent marks are so hard to use here, but I think there are some pretty legitimate concerns there.

Also wanted to say I think Linnea is a beautiful name. And if you’re really concerned about the pronunciation, I’ve also seen it spelled Linnaea, which clarifies it, to me.

First off, [name]Linnea[/name] is beautiful!

In regards to the accent, I think it’s far more trouble than it’s worth. It’s not even recordable on most official documents (names like Sofía are just recorded as [name]Sofia[/name]) and few people will remember and have the ability to use the accent, so putting it there would just be a source of frustration. I’ve never even heard “LEEN-e-a” and I don’t think that most people would even realize how the accent would change the pronunciation. I doubt it would help with the pronunciation; I’m quite sure it would complicate the spelling.

Okay, so, I saw this thread and I decided I had to make an account just to be able to reply.

[name]Linnea[/name] is a beautiful name, and I don’t think that you’ll have many pronunciation issues at all. [name]Even[/name] if you do, after correcting people a few times, they’ll catch on.

But as someone with accents in my name (Gölöncsér is my last name), it’s more hassle than it’s worth. Where I live, on official papers, I’m noted as Golonscer, even though in Hungary where my father is from, the accents are necessary. Basically, unless you live somewhere in which the name [name]Linnea[/name] is usually [name]Linn[/name]éa, and people know intuitively what stress the accent puts on the syllable, it’ll be far more trouble than it’s worth, and people will drop the accent, almost all the time.

Okay. I think we’d omit the accent, then.

Miraje, I thought about the [name]Linnaea[/name] spelling, too, but I think it might actually be more confusing! Maybe we will revisit that topic if/when we find out we are having a girl. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your responses!

I love [name]Linnea[/name]! My friend’s older sister is named [name]Linnea[/name]. At first people pronounced it [name]Linn[/name]-ee-a, but after she corrected them once she never had a problem with pronunciation.

I think you answered your own question by not being able to figure out how to insert an accent :slight_smile:

I don’t think the accent is necessary. I do say it the way you don’t want, but I think simply correcting people once or twice would solve that problem. No need to burden her was an accent when it doesn’t work well on forms and such.

I also love the alternative spelling you suggested! I Instantly pronounced it the way you’re looking for!

I’m fairly sure in the US diacritical marks are not allowed in formal names. That being said, I’ve never heard it pronounced any way other than your desired one: lin-NAY-uh.

I don’t know that I’ve actually seen [name]Linnea[/name] (pretty name, btw) with an accent and always automatically pronounced it li-NAY-uh. Same with [name]Renee[/name]. I’ve seen the accent on [name]Renee[/name] but only when it’s been spelled for a boy, [name]Rene[/name].