[name]Lior[/name] is a unisex Hebrew name meaning “my light”. What do you think? Is it usable? Boy/Girl? First/Middle? Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks Berries :slight_smile:

Lior is one of the many truly unisex Hebrew names, and I think it’s great on either gender. I think it might work a bit better on a girl in the US, but variant [name]Liora[/name] is exclusively feminine.

I like [name]Liora[/name]/[name]Leora[/name] more than I like Lior.

I think some people are going to read it with a lye/lie sound and that would peeve me.

I have [name]Liora[/name]/[name]Leora[/name] (no, I haven’t decided which yet, [name]Liora[/name] is more correct with modern transliterations, but [name]Leora[/name] had use in English in the 19th/20th C and is maybe easier for English-speakers to read) on my list for girls, I really love it.

Lior can’t get ahead of it for girls, or ahead of [name]Levi[/name] or [name]Lev[/name] (short e sound in [name]Lev[/name], Lehv) for boys, for me. JMO.

My first thought is “Liar”, sorry. In the middle I think it’s probably fine.

Lior is the name of a reasonably famous male singer here in Australia. Folky type music.
My sister in law is named [name]Leora[/name] - which I like better for a girl.

I like Lior and think it could work for either a boy or a girl. For the US I would advise paring it with a name that strongly indicates the babys gender that way there can be absolutely no confusion.

Lior [name]Amalie[/name] or [name]Edwin[/name] Lior are two of my favorite

Girl- Beautiful. I really, really like it. It’s sophisticated, light, and effortlessly chic. Goes great as a first name or middle name.

Boy- I would only use this as a boy’s middle name and even then I would caution that it needs to be paired with a strongly masculine name to avoid any confusion.

It’s sounds girly to me. When I was a kid, I had a friend in my neighborhood named [name]Leora[/name]-[name]Jean[/name]. [name]Both[/name] Lior and [name]Liora[/name] or [name]Leora[/name] are very pretty names and uncommon too! I think Lior would be a cool middle name.

[name]One[/name] of my favorite movies is “Praying With Lior”, about an awesome Orthodox Jewish boy with Down syndrome. Because of that, I’ll always think of Lior as a masculine name. Also, the Lior of the movie is a pretty great namesake – he’s a smart, funny kid who’s had an incredibly positive effect on his family and community. I have wonderful associations with the name Lior because of him.

My great-great aunt went by Leore (though her actual name was [name]Sally[/name], but NO [name]ONE[/name] ever called her that). I’ve always loved the name because she was such a funny and unique character! Because she’s the only Leore I’ve known, I’ve always thought of it as a feminine name, but I don’t see it going wrong for a boy. It’s kind of like [name]Dion[/name] vs. [name]Dionne[/name] for me. The spelling would have to set off the gender, not the sound.