i’ve been wanting to create a listography acc but every time i put my email and put “sign up” it says that they’ll send me a mail but never do :confused:
has this happened to you? what did u do to fix it?!

this is what happens to me and can’t do anything afterwards bc i don’t get an email:

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Hmm… I believe it was @Quilliza who mentioned that it only takes Google emails; have you been using one to sign up?

yes! at first i tried with a hotmail but then it said i can only sign up with a gmail

Out of curiosity, I signed up (with a Gmail account). I never received the email!

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ohh it sucks
glad it’s not just me tho and that it’s a listography problem, they will probably fix it soon :slight_smile:

I’ve been having the same issue!

@almostactually @EagleEyes hi! i sent them an email and they gave me this link to sign up! listography: complete your signup