Lists in posts have disappeared?

Specifically I noticed it on this thread:

Where there were once lists of names/regions, those have disappeared - it looks like a formatting issue since some of the replies also are formatted weird.

I had actually noticed this a few months ago, before the change to the new platform, and I had hoped that it was just the old platform being glitchy. However, it hasn’t been fixed. I’m not sure if this is a known problem or if there’s even a way to fix it, but I wanted to point it out - I imagine that other threads are having a similar issue, although I haven’t noticed it being super widespread.

Thanks for the heads-up @ontilmorning. I can certainly see what you mean.

So there were lists of words, but now there is just this weird [ul] code?

Unfortunately, if this error occurred on the old platform and caused the items that were once in the list to be lost, they won’t have been available to be brought over to the new platform.

That’s what I suspect has happened here, because other lists that were populated on the old platform have been brought over correctly – even those lists that weren’t actually visible at the time of the switchover due to the widespread formatting glitching we were seeing.

I’m sorry not to be of more help on this point!

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