Little brother for rosemary & stella

hi everyone! so i have this story i’m working on, and the main character’s name is rosemary. she’s fifteen and lives in a small beach town in southwest michigan. she has an older sister named stella. they also have a little brother, whose name i am stuck on…

he’s ten or eleven, and has strawberry-blonde hair and freckles. his eyes are pale greenish-blue, and he’s tall and skinny for his age. he’s really energetic and his sisters find him annoying, but everyone else thinks he’s really sweet. he’s homeschooled just like his sisters, and he’s very athletic, but struggles with his schoolwork. he loves the beach and could stay there for hours.

some names i have been considering…

august “auggie / gus” (the nicknames match better than the full name for his character)
beckett (this doesn’t really go with his sisters’ names but i love it for his character)
sebastian (don’t love the double s initial with stella)
nicholas (something feels off)

some other names of main characters in the story so you can get a sense of my style and avoid repeating too many sounds:

ashley & austin (his parents)

i would love some feedback on the names i’ve been considering and some suggestions if you have any! tia! :heart:

tbh when I saw your poll, I thought that the sisters’ names were a bit mismatched. rosemary feels very vintage, not quite in style yet, while stella is trendy and a bit boho. I could see beckett as a brother for either! I think it’s a nice bridge between the two.

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Maybe just [name_m]Bastian[/name_m]?

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Thank you so much! I will keep this in mind!

Thank you!

i actually think august is just perfect with this set !! he matches the sibset and the character. my vibe for august lines up really well with your description, and i think auggie as a nickname especially works if you want to get rid of a potential too-serious vibe.

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@rosepip Thank you so much!
i’m probably going to go with august because i really, really love this name and it just brings me so much joy every time i type it :joy: and it’s actually really suprising to me that i haven’t used it yet it in this story :joy:

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i like august and you could always just refer to him as gus/auggie throughout the story. i think august fits the vibe but it does go more with rosemary than stella!

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@lilac_elixirxx thank you so much!

you have all been so helpful! thanks!

While I was reading the description, I thought of the name [name_u]Gus[/name_u]! As a read a bit further, I realised it was a name you are already considering! A vote for [name_u]Gus[/name_u] here!

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@SterlingBlue thank you! I am probably going to go with gus or auggie. Thank you for your input!