Little Brown Crayon?

What does the little brown crayon icon mean?

The post was edited a while ago

Thanks, ethelmary. Edited by the user or someone else?

I’ll edit this topic’s title to see what happens, fyi

ETA: Okay, I tried and seems like it appears in both cases :slight_smile:

Confused. Now my crayon is orange and I never edited this thread.

That’s because @ethelmary edited it, I believe.

Oh. Thanks.

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As [name_f]Elle[/name_f] said, because I edited it :slight_smile: Seems like the same icons appear no matter who edited it.

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Yes, any edits will show up in the same way, no matter who makes them.

The colour (grey, brown, orange) depends on how recently the last edit was made (chronologically as listed above).

I’m so glad. I thought it meant I had been censored or censured and being an adult, that’s not something I find acceptable.

If ever anyone else edits your posts you will get a notification, don’t worry.

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