I lost the original postings about [name]Llewellyn[/name] being a suitable (or not) name for a girl. I just wanted to say that I was poring over all my birth announcement cuttings from The Telegraph in the toyshop today (it was raining and customers were thin on the ground), and I came across a LLEWELLA, a little girl, born in Singleton Hospital, Swansea, where I had some of my babies!

I just thought the lady who liked [name]Llewellyn[/name] for a girl might be inspired by that; she is obviously not alone.

Llewella and [name]LLewellyn[/name] are both nice names. I don’t know which I would use for a girl if I was choosing, but I do like them both.

[name]Llewellyn[/name] should absolutely nt be used for girls in my humble opinion. It’s been used on too many battle-hardy Welsh warriors :wink: However, as Llewella is a legitimate girls name, it gets a thumbs up from me :stuck_out_tongue: . I’ve also heard that it is the route for the [name]America[/name] [name]Luella[/name].

Nice to know. :slight_smile: I wonder if Llewella [name]Lynn[/name] would give off the same feel as [name]Llewellyn[/name] while maintaining it’s femininity?

I was just trying to be helpful to the original lady who liked the sound of [name]Llewellyn[/name] for a girl and was asking for our thoughts on the matter.

I was born and raised in [name]Wales[/name] (and live there now) and have never come across a Llewella before now!

However, I think we should try and be a bit more open-minded about things rather than saying we should “absolutely not” name a child some particular name. It is a bit like the lady who pointed out that [name]Viola[/name] means rape in Italian, but to us English-speakers, it does not have the same connotations and is therefore fine for us as long as we are aware of the international complications!

To my American ears [name]Llewellyn[/name] does sound like a girls names. I did however know a boy with this name, who went by [name]Lew[/name]. I know he got a lot of slack for having a name that sounded like a girls name by his guy friends.

Exactly my point! Thanks for that.