Login Issues??

Everytime I visit this website, I have to login again because even though I press the “always keep me logged in” button, I still have to login every single time. Other times, I click login, I login, and go to the forums, where it tells me I have to login AGAIN, even when I just did one click ago. Then, when I’m on here for a period of time, it just randomly tells me to log in again. Is anyone else having these problems?

I actually had this issue when I first joined here. I ended up creating a new account with a different name attached to my husband’s e-mail account because it kept doing the same thing to me, and I thought there was an issue with the login name or something.

I was using Google Chrome at the time, but then didn’t have any issues on Internet [name]Explorer[/name], so I thought maybe it was a problem with the browser. I haven’t noticed it since though.

I actually used Google Chrome when I first joined, and it was fine because I clicked the “remember this password” thing. It was on Internet [name]Explorer[/name] that I began having problems.

I used to have this problem on Internet [name]Explorer[/name]…when I switched to Google Chrome, I saved the password so now I no longer have this problem.