Lorcan and Henry (and Greer)


We are really liking [name]Henry[/name]. Does anyone like this set?

Kath xx

I really like [name]Henry[/name], and it fits in well with [name]Lorcan[/name]. [name]Henry[/name] is a [name]German[/name] classic name with deep roots in British history, and [name]Lorcan[/name] is a classic linked with Irish kings, so I think the 2 go well together!
[name]Greer[/name] is nice with this set, also, as it is a classic Scottish name (for your future daughter, right?). So yes, I do like this set!

[name]Lorcan[/name], [name]Henry[/name] and [name]Greer[/name] sound fine together. It i smore important to pick a name you love than to make a perfect sibset. [name]Henry[/name] goes just fine with [name]Lorcan[/name] imo.

I actually really love both [name]Lorcan[/name] and [name]Henry[/name]. I think they’re different styles and yet they’re somehow complimentary. [name]Greer[/name] really isn’t my taste at all.

[name]Lorcan[/name] and [name]Henry[/name] are wonderful together, but [name]Greer[/name] seems really mismatched-- trendy and harsh compared to two more classic names. I’d also have trouble knowing if it was a boy or a girl.