Louis : prn. Loo-iss or Loo-ee?

[name]How[/name] do you pronounce [name]Louis[/name]? I always thought it was Loo-iss, but it seems that most use the Loo-ee pronounciation. I see that more as a nickname spelled [name]Louie[/name]. What do you think? Have you ever met a [name]Louis[/name] and how did he pronounce it? (Because personally, I have not)

Loo-ee is the French pronunciation, like [name]Louis[/name] [name]Armstrong[/name]. All the Louises I know, though, say Loo-iss. That’s the English pronunciation, and I prefer it. Loo-ee is fine if you’re French, but otherwise I find it very pretentious, personally.

I instinctively say it Loo-iss, but I know a lot of people who have considered [name]Louis[/name], said like loo-ee. It never really phases me because I always assumed they were equally acceptable. I don’t know any Louises, so I don’t know which would be more common. For me, [name]Louis[/name] is sort of like [name]Eva[/name]. Whether it’s Loo-ee or loo-iss or ee-vah or ay-vah, I would just accept however they say it, and move on. I think I actually prefer Loo-ee, but I’m not particularly fussed either way. :slight_smile:

I say loo-iss. It was my grandpa’s name. My fiance’s grandpa’s name was actually [name]Louis[/name], pronounced loo-ee. So it could go either way but I prefer loo-iss (it’s a possibility for a future son’s middle name so I’ve thought about it!).

either or, doesn’t matter, I prefer [name]Lewis[/name] myself

I’ve always thought:

[name]Louis[/name] = loo-ee.
[name]Lewis[/name] = loo-iss.

I would use whichever you prefer! I think either pronuncation would work and people are pretty used to either where I am. I do prefer LOO-ee but LOO-iss is perfectly acceptable too.

[name]Louis[/name] is on my “if I have kids with a French guy” list, so I pronounce it “l’oo-EE”
The only [name]Louis[/name] I’ve met is French and pronounces it “l’oo-EE” with his side of the family, but his wife’s side (anglophone) pronounce it “LOO-ee”.
It can go either way, and honestly, when it comes down to it, I’d still spell “LOO-iss” as [name]Louis[/name] because it’s more visually appealing to me.

I went to shool with one pronounced Loo-iss. I lived next door to one pronounced Loo-ee.

The former came from a family that was very Australian, the latter had a French background so insisted on the French pronunciation.

LOO-iss for sure. I love it!

I went to primary school with a Loo-ee, and up until last year that was how I said it. Then I met my flatmate’s friend Loo-iss, and now I’ve started saying Loo-iss more. Either is acceptable, though, and both are equally well known. I think whichever way you go you’ll face a lot of people saying it the other, anyway. Though I know if someone told me their name was Loo-iss I would insitnctively go to spell it [name]Lewis[/name].

Yep, [name]Lewis[/name] = Loo-iss. [name]Louis[/name] = Loo-ee. Totally agree with that. [name]Both[/name] are good names, but I think they should be separate and not mixed up. I think if you want it pronounced Loo-iss, it should be spelled [name]Lewis[/name], and [name]Louis[/name] if you want Loo-ee. That makes way more sense to me and is less confusing. In my mind, it’s kind of an established rule

I say [name]Louis[/name] like [name]Lewis[/name].

My great-uncle [name]Louis[/name] [name]Hammett[/name] went with Loo-ee, and if I’d had a second son, I would have gone with that. I thought the French pronunciation was L’wee. I like [name]Louis[/name] pronounced with the s too, but I don’t like the [name]Lewis[/name] spelling because it’s more of a surname.

[name]Louis[/name] = Loo-ee to me. But I am aware that some are [name]Lew[/name]-iss

Most the people I know who are [name]Lew[/name]-iss’ have the spelling [name]Lewis[/name]. I also know a [name]Lewi[/name] … which I’m not so into.

I always pronounced it Loo-ee. Either way is acceptable, just my personal preference.

I prefer Loo-ee… reminds me of Interview with a Vampire. Strong but sweet :wink:

I would pronounce it like Loo-ee. I’m used to that pronouncuation, because Dutch people also pronounce it that way.