Love interests name

I’m writing a book but I still can’t figure out a first name for the main love interest.
He is introduced fairly early in the story as a soldier named [name_f]Kalon[/name_f] Arcane but you soon learn he’s simply a spy in the emperors army and that’s not his real name. I need help figuring out what his actual name is though.
He has dark skin, dark eyes, short hair, and very tall and muscular. He also has a very secretive personality. Deals with trauma and kinda hides it with humor.
I can’t really reveal a whole lot but he’s “related” to the stars and has a curse called the “warriors curse” so he’s related to war as well lol. Open to anything but to help you out his lover (they basically share a soulmate/twin flame bond) also shares the warriors curse with him and her name is Czarina Alladane.
He will have two sisters named [name_f]Elysia[/name_f] and Meira who will have the same last name as him.

Omg, [name_f]Kalon[/name_f] Arcane is an awesome name! As for his “real” name, do you need a first and last, or do you already know the last name?

I don’t have a last name yet! Im trying to come up with one that sounds good for him and his sisters.

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Feel free to mix and match these fn and ln combos, I just threw them together!

Tabor Vassere
[name_m]Einar[/name_m] Forbone
[name_m]Aras[/name_m] Farrowstar
[name_m]Lanz[/name_m] Suvilliers
[name_m]Zohar[/name_m] Proke
Carby Draxne

Ok but I lowkey love the idea of his last name being something like [name_f]Falon[/name_f] or [name_m]Talon[/name_m] and his love interest being like “You made you last name your first and just changed one letter?” and he’s like “yeah, and what about it”

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I think [name_m]Rolan[/name_m] sounds good. Or maybe [name_m]Cassian[/name_m]/Kassian

Bahaha I love that

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One idea that came to mind yesterday is [name_m]Runar[/name_m]. According to, the meaning is derived from the Old Norse elements rún “secret lore” and arr “warrior.”