Low scoring threads

Can someone explain to me what is up with the one-star ratings? I post a perfectly legit thread and it gets a one-star rating. [name]How[/name] does that work?

The way I understand it is, threads only have scores if users bother to rate them (this option is available at the top of the thread). So if only one person rates a thread and gives it one star, that’s the rate that shows up for the thread. This is why some threads have scores and others don’t.

I’ve noticed people rating legitimate threads 1 star, too. Really annoying and petty.

ETA: I found your thread and rated it 5 stars so it should be higher now. Let’s do that with any legitimate threads that have been rated 1 star.

I’m willing to bet that sometimes the ratings are accidental. When I got my new computer, I had to adjust to the trackpad and new clicking and I clicked a ton of stuff I didn’t mean to, haha. People use this site on their phones and stuff too, where I find it’s a lot easier to accidentally click on things. I don’t think it necessarily means that people are rating posts lowly on purpose. I bet there are some people who like to do that, who knows why, but I think it’s probably more likely to be an accident.