Lucy names?...

Curious to hear what names you all have heard with [name]Lucy[/name] an NM. I actually really like [name]Lucienne[/name], pronounced Loo-see-EN.
What “[name]Lucy[/name]” names do you all know of? What are your favorites?


[name]Lucia[/name] is my favorite


[name]Lucia[/name] is my favourite, but Luciola is very intriguing as well :slight_smile:

Luciola is a type of firefly: Luciola - Wikipedia
just so you know, I don’t think it’s really a name…

The fact that Luciola is a type of firefly makes me like the name even more :slight_smile: I love fireflies even though I’ve never seen one. We don’t have fireflies in Norway…

I really love [name]Lucia[/name] and [name]Luciana[/name]. Here’s all the others I can think of: