Luke Bryan

[name]Luke[/name] [name]Bryan[/name] and wife [name]Caroline[/name] welcomed son [name]Tatum[/name] [name]Christopher[/name] [name]Wednesday[/name] morning. They plan on calling hime [name]Tate[/name]. the couple already has a son [name]Thomas[/name] [name]Boyer[/name] “[name]Bo[/name].”

So What do you think?

I think of [name]Tatum[/name] as a girl’s name, but I feel better about it since they are going to call him [name]Tate[/name].

Aww, [name]Bo[/name] and [name]Tate[/name] are too cute! I actually find [name]Tatum[/name] to be masculine, but that’s probably just from the influences of [name]Tatum[/name] [name]Channing[/name]. I like how they chose a familiar name that isn’t too out there (as many other celebrities do). Good name overall, in my opinion :slight_smile:

  • [name]Sydnee[/name]

I thought his name was [name]Channing[/name] [name]Tatum[/name]? Not [name]Tatum[/name] [name]Channing[/name]???