M needs a name...

I’ve been editing my novel Android I’ve had a character named M Gailbraith. I’ve not had Android issue with the name M until today I read “M…” as “mmm…” So I decided to give him a name - a real name. He has a twin brother named [name]Dan[/name], so I’d like to keep his name simple to go with [name]Dan[/name]. and I’d like to have it start with m. What do you think? [name]Max[/name]? [name]Matt[/name]? I can’t have [name]Mark[/name] or [name]Marcus[/name] because I already have a [name]Marcos[/name]. You have any ideas?

[name]Dan[/name] and [name]Matt[/name] seem to make sense together, so I would go for that.

[name]Matt[/name] or [name]Max[/name]… [name]Mac[/name], [name]Mike[/name]?

I’m thinking [name]Matt[/name]. [name]Matt[/name] Gailbraith works better than [name]Max[/name] Gailbraith and fits his character. Thanks guys!