What do you think of this name? Is it usable? I love the meaning- queen of the fairies.

I just instantly think of the scene in [name]Romeo[/name] and [name]Juliet[/name] where Mercutio talks about [name]Queen[/name] [name]Mab[/name]. To me it’s a very dark and disturbing scene, so I’m afraid i don’t like [name]Mab[/name] at all.

As a full name, I prefer [name]Maeve[/name], or [name]Mabel[/name] (from which [name]Mab[/name] likely comes), or even Mabily.

[name]Mab[/name] is older than [name]Mabel[/name]. [name]Mabel[/name] is more likely to come from [name]Mab[/name].

I actually [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Mab[/name] though. I would use it. I love the [name]Queen[/name] of Fairies thing too :slight_smile:

NB says that “[name]Mab[/name]” means “baby”, but it is the name of a fairy in [name]Shakespeare[/name] & other literary works. & say it means “intoxicating” -the same as [name]Maeve[/name]. I think [name]Maeve[/name] is a much nicer name. [name]Mab[/name] is too clunky.

Huh. Yeah the thing is Mercutio is my favorite character in R&J and I think that monologue has a lot of truth to it so that’s a plus for me not a minus lol. The clunky thing is what I’d be worried about. Idk i’m not sold…maybe as a mn.

Ps. I don’t like [name]Maeve[/name], negative association but it is lovely.

[name]Mab[/name] and [name]Mabel[/name] developed concurrently in Middle English. [name]Mabel[/name] definitely didn’t come from [name]Mab[/name], as it’s an Old French and Latin name. [name]Mab[/name] does not necessarily = [name]Maeve[/name] (which is a very old name), just something one particular scholar posed and that people latched on to.

[name]Isa[/name], I think it could work. It’s very fresh, and I may use it as a nn. I definitely believe it’d be better as a middle name, though, so the child in question had more options!

Yessss it is very fresh but still has ancient roots, that’s the sort of name I like :slight_smile: what do people think it could be a nickname for?

all I hear is Mad… [name]Mab[/name] just overall does not sound appealing imo…

Hmm, [name]Mabel[/name] or Mabily (which is an old, Middle English variant of [name]Mabel[/name]), [name]Mary[/name], [name]Maybelle[/name], Madelief.

It’s ok as a nickname, not on its own. It’s too abrupt, its sounds unfinished (even though i get that it technically is a name on its own).

All I hear is Mad to. It just sounds like a very unappealing nickname at best to me.