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[i]“If you are a dreamer, come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!”

  • [name_u]Shel[/name_u] Silverstein[/i]

Hello writers! I’d love to talk writing with you all. I’ve been writing my entire life. I joined a mystery writing group when I was in third grade, and even though I no longer write mystery, it opened up my world. I know lots of folks are hesitant to put out plots in a public forum, and I don’t blame you, but if you want to talk about your WIP or something you’ve written in the past, here’s the place.

Looking forward to meeting any other writers. :slight_smile:

Suggested Sites/Software:

NaNoWriMo A thirty day challenge to abandon your inner editor and write 50,000 words.

The Hemingway App Once you’re ready to start editing, you might want to start here.

Figment Contests, forums, and you can post your writing for others to see and comment on.

Query Shark A blog that helps writers revise query letters.

Absolute Write Amazing and helpful writing forum.

Mary Sue Litmus Test It lets you know just how cliched your characters are or aren’t and it has a section for created races.

Scrivener Writing software for Windows or Mac. Organize your writing any way you like!

Lit Lift Create books for your different stories, character profiles, scenes, settings, items, etc.

750 Words encourages people to write 750 words a day. If you can keep up with that (as well as other things) you get badges meant to encourage and inspire people to keep up with the word count. $5 a month.

The Character Name Generator doesn’t just give out names for different ethnicities, it also gives out detailed character descriptions.


This will be my third year doing NaNoWriMo. I love writing, but I never finish anything. :confused: I have an extremely frustrating inability to translate what’s in my head to paper.

I have never done NaNaWriMo. I keep meaning too but I’m always so busy. This year I’m editing my novel and publishing and that is so much more important.

I’ve been writing since I was 9. I saw a thing on the news about veterans writing their stories and, I don’t know. Something clicked. I wrote poems until I was about 13. I was first published at 12 in a poem anthology. When I was 13, I met my friend [name_f]Mary[/name_f]. She wrote fantasy and she wrote it often. She really got me pumped. I was hand writing several chapters a day when she was there to push me forward. I finished that novel, called [name_m]Bow[/name_m] Before [name_m]Griffin[/name_m] (which I need to change) that year at 300 hand written pages. So like 150 computer pages :P. I finished the second book (which was never named) the next year with 400ish and we were in the progress of writing a third combining our characters and worlds when she just sort of stopped.

I started working on this novel in about [name_u]August[/name_u] of last year. I finished it mid-way through [name_u]March[/name_u]. During a creative writing class I’d made a friend of a woman named [name_f]Nickole[/name_f] [name_m]Brown[/name_m] (who is a successful and professional poet and novelist) and she put me right in contact with her editor who in turn put me in contact with an editor in the correct genre. I’d already been rejected pretty soundly with a different manuscript all over so I’m decently surprised how much the man loved this one. I suppose because I’m friends with one of the other writers he works with is why I’m getting sort of a boost up quicker than most other people. He told me I have brutality to rival GRR [name_m]Martin[/name_m]" and that I was reminiscent of him (I’ve never read the Song of Ice and [name_m]Fire[/name_m] books so I wouldn’t know). I had a quote by him in my signature but then I thought “That’s too braggy” so I removed it. But he said “This is some of the most enjoyable writing I’ve read in a long time.” and “The writing style is very smooth and cinematic. Descriptions are vivid but not overly florid…” and “There are moments of brutality that rank up there with [name_m]Conan[/name_m] the Barbarian, Elric of Melnibone, and even [name_m]George[/name_m] R.R. [name_m]Martin[/name_m]. This is meant as a compliment of the highest order!” and “From mythology to action to characterization to emotion to vivid description, you’ve got the works! You make prose writing look effortless.” and “There are not many writing-skill-related issues, just typos and/or punctuation confusion (some stuff with punctuation dialogue and dialogue tags).”

I know I just major bragged but…I can’t help it! My family were sort of like “Yeah well, we knew that would happen.” So I haven’t gotten to experience any one being super happy with me. So when I finish my edits, I’ll be sending it back to see what he has to say. If it’s good enough (and it likely won’t be) it’ll go on to the next stage. More likely, I’ll have to do more edits. That’s the way it works.

The name – The Awakening
The plot – (warning, this is just a quick blurb and it’s not enormously good) Eons ago, in order to bring peace to her people, the [name_f]Goddess[/name_f] Etrean created a power known as the [name_u]Flame[/name_u]. However, instead of peace, the [name_u]Flame[/name_u] has left only bloodshed and chaos in its wake. Now, in an attempt to defeat this ancient curse, an unlikely group of heroes will join forces and attempt to stand against those who would push the world beyond the brink, and watch mankind burn in the fires of the [name_m]Black[/name_m] [name_u]Flame[/name_u].

The tagline – Rebellion, insanity, and a quest to be free.

I’ve finished the second book and started on the third. They are The Transition and The Devouring. Between the end part of pregnancy where I was pretty much immobile and now (when I just finished the second) I wrote constantly to get it done before the baby got way too active. I’m hoping to finish the third by [name_u]March[/name_u]. Then I’ll be ahead of the publishers. I already have plans for a series in the same world but in the future of it. I have plans for a sci-fi series of books, and I plan on rewriting [name_m]Griffin[/name_m].

So, again, I bragged a ton but no one was very happy or excited over here so I can’t help myself! I’d love to answer any questions or give advice or whatever. I also REALLY enjoy reading other peoples work and I REALLY enjoy the editing process so if anyone wants their work edited like a real editor would, pm me and I’ll give you my email and you can send it to me. I’ve been taking a lot of classes for the editing process as I recently thought about being an editor. I’ll be hard on you like a real editor but I won’t be mean.

I keep signing up for NaNaWriMo, but never start writing. I have a story idea that I’ve been working on for years, but I can’t get past the character outlines. I never finish anything and it drives me freaking nuts because the whole story is in my head, but I can’t get it written down.

The title of the story is Secondhand Children. I’m not sure if I want it to be series or just a single novel yet.

The story is based on ten characters between the ages of 13 -20 who reside in a treatment facility. The story starts with a short scene 5 years after they get out of the facility talking cryptically about a fire. Afterwards it goes to when they first entered the facility. Another main character is the therapist that works with them during the time they are there.

I have a more detailed summary, but I can’t find my writing binder. This thread has inspired me to go look for it. I’ll come back and post more when I find it.

Hello! I’d consider myself a writer. I’ve been writing for years. Before I knew how to read or write, I’d ask my grandma for a notebook and I’d draw stories out. I tried writing a novel when I was ten, but it never worked out. When I was nearly eleven, I published a short story in an anthology for young American writers. My heroine was named [name_f]Hattie[/name_f], and she was a run away slave.
Since then I’ve written about five stories on
In this past year I’ve joined a writers group with two friends. What I like about being in a group is that we have different styles, but we can still openly discuss the plots and our characters. My genre is more historical fiction. My friend [name_f]Sarah[/name_f], writes about the supernatural (it’s very YA, but she does an excellent job at it.) My other friend, [name_f]Jade[/name_f], is a poet, and a wonderful poet at that. The different perspective has been very helpful when working on my pieces.
I’m currently very busy with school, but I have several ongoing projects. The first is a WWII era piece (most likely a novel) called “[name_f]Rosamunde[/name_f] Drowns” . We see a young pianist allow tragedy to swallow her whole, taking the people she loves with her. I’m pretty happy with how it’s going, but I’m only on chapter three.
I also have a Victorian era piece going on, but that’s much more muddled. I have an idea of the plot, and the name of the main character. After that, it’s a big mess of bonnets and hoop skirts.
For a while I was going to write a collection of short stories, but I got distracted with other things. That’s about it. There are always other ideas floating around, but they never materialize. That’s probably why I haven’t tried doing the novel in a month!
Anyway, it’s nice to meet you fellow writers. Good luck with your projects!

I don’t know if I qualify, exactly–I love writing but never seem to have time for it.

At the moment I’m taking Screenwriting so I’m forced to crank out a short scene every week. I’ve actually been really frustrated with it lately because the professor just never seems to like anything I write–even when I like what I write.

I’m on the fence about doing NaNoWriMo this year. I’m not sure I’ll have time, and I’ve never been great about following through. But I’ve got about 4 stories in various stages of development that have been rattling around my head for years, so I feel like I should write down at least one of them. [name_f]One[/name_f] is a complicated fantasy epic with a zillion characters and huge scope, one is a zombie apocalypse ensemble piece, and one is sort of The-[name_m]Little[/name_m]-Mermaid-meets-[name_f]Anastasia[/name_f]-ish.

I am currently working on four novels, although one may be a series, and I’m stuck. It’s been years with two of them, and two are new concepts. I also have a bunch of throwaway work that no one can ever read, ever. It’s just not good enough. I write very differently depending on the type of work - I try to be conversational and end up rambling on forums, essays are pretty clearly essays, but when I write for me, while the words don’t like to come, it all makes sense. I can’t describe it, it’s the most frustrating and simple thing. And then I go back to edit neurotically, and then it becomes a kind of bouncy. I actually like my style. I have trouble describing the stories to people, but I do hope to publish them (even self publish, I just want them to be read) someday.

I hadn’t heard of NaNoWriMo, that may be the push I need to get going again. It has been so frustrating.

I’m kind of a writer in limbo. I written a lot of stories in the past (mostly [name_f]Fan[/name_f] Fiction) and currently have two ideas for novels in mind. [name_f]One[/name_f] I’ve been developing for about 5 years but for some reason I can’t bring myself to put them down on paper. [name_f]Every[/name_f] time I try I can just never find the perfect words and I get frustrated. Nothing is ever good enough for me. I feel like I need a pair of fresh eyes but I don’t like when people I know read my writing because I feel like their looking into my soul, if that makes sense at all. You can tell too much about a person by what they write and I’m afraid they’ll look at me differently after they read my writing.

I’m going to read through everything in a bit. I just spent an hour responding to another thread and my eyes are crossing. I have some Nano advice if anyone is interested. I’ve been doing it for 8 years, so I have it down. I have about 15 finished novels, several of which started in [name_u]November[/name_u]. I’m starting to get serious about writing, and will be starting the nightmare of query letters and rejections next summer. [name_m]Feel[/name_m] free to friend me through nano, if any of you have an account. I’m redwoodfey there as well.

I’m very nervous and even a little embarrassed to ask this, but does anyone else hate themselves when they write? I love it, and I do it, and I will always do it, but after I’m done, after the excitement and edit and peace, I hate it. I hate what I’ve written and myself and everything about both. I haven’t written in a long time because I’m afraid to be in that place again. It was never a big deal before, but this little guy needs his mommy to be happy. I volunteered to do a small, simple thing weeks ago and haven’t been able to get beyond the research. Does this happen to anyone else? [name_m]How[/name_m] do you handle it?

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I know that feeling. When I write, it’s a circle of self loathing. But you have to slowly work past it. [name_m]Even[/name_m] if it means that you just write for a few minutes a day, it’s good to make progress. That’s all the advice I can give. Sometimes it’s hard, but working through it is worth it. And sometimes that break from writing gives you new insight too.
Good luck!

I can’t say I feel that way about all my creations, but there are some I’ve grown to hate and it’s such a miserable cycle. I don’t think it’s an uncommon feeling with artists. We tend to be perfectionists, and demand so much of ourselves. I’ve been working on being kind to myself the last couple months. I wouldn’t allow another person to insult me the way I insult myself, so I’m learning to respect myself and value my creations. One of my closest and most talented friends is so steeped in self loathing she regularly destroys her art and writing. I’ve managed to save some of her work, and even have some on my walls I love it so much, but she can’t see it.

I’m not sure what the answer is, pistachio. I’m sorry you feel this way, and I hope you can work through it so you can feel fulfilled and happy. What’s your writing method? My favorite writing book is [name_m]Stephen[/name_m] [name_m]King[/name_m]'s On Writing, and I use his method. If you haven’t read it, I’ll sum it up. Write, write madly, scribble away, get the piece out of your head and then put it aside for a while. [name_m]Don[/name_m]'t peek. [name_m]Don[/name_m]'t edit. [name_m]Don[/name_m]'t re-read it a dozen times. [name_m]Don[/name_m]'t read that paragraph you just wrote so many times you start to see all its flaws. [name_m]Just[/name_m] let it be.

The reason I’m such a fan of NaNoWriMo is because it taught me to shut off the inner editor and just write. When you’re editing, judging, deciding if there’s any value in what you’re creating as it’s being created, you stop creating. You’re so busy fixing imagined flaws, you can’t see the piece as a whole. So, write it, set it aside for two or three or six months. Take a break from writing, or write something else. Then, once your work has had room to breathe, go back and read it. [name_m]Don[/name_m]'t edit it yet, just read it. I have no idea if this is something you might find useful, but it’s the method I subscribe to and it works wonderfully for me.

Also, I just realized I never responded to anyone. For some reason, I remember doing so. I wonder if it was lost in internet space? Or my crazies took over again. Oh well. Here goes. Possibly for the second time haha

southern.maple I’m pretty sure that’s the tagline for every writer I’ve ever met, including myself! I’ve learned to finish what I start, but it took me years. Nano and the book On Writing helped me. I just talked about it above to pistachio, so I won’t reiterate what I said, but I strongly recommend both. Keep doing Nano. [name_m]Set[/name_m] feasible goals for yourself. Nano is whatever you want it to be. Yes, the goal is 50k words in a month, but do with that what you will. I use it as my launching pad every year, the one month where everything else in my life takes a backseat. It’s one month out of the entire year, and I always shoot into [name_u]December[/name_u] feeling both exhausted and exhilarated, and most importantly, full of inspiration and a sense of accomplishment.

dantea I’m so excited for you! I’m making some huge changes in my life right now, and one of those changes is getting serious about writing. My creative writing teacher when I was 15 took a massive (aren’t they all? :D) fantasy novel I was writing to his agent who wanted to represent me, but I was the daughter of a horrid man who didn’t encourage I take that path, so writing stagnated for me for a very long time. I’ve been pissing away the years just writing for myself, which has been great, but I’m ready to be brave again and it’s scary and exciting. You know, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being “braggy”. I’ve been thinking about that lately, this funny world we live in where people talk shit about you if you say positive things about yourself. That’s so ridiculous. Why shouldn’t we tell people the things about ourselves we take pride in? So silly. Should we stare in the mirror instead and talk about everything we hate about ourselves? As long as you’re not the sort to only talk about yourself, what’s the problem? Complement yourself and others, and I say it’s all good. I will definitely be purchasing your book as soon as I can because I love fantasy, and your novel sounds straight up my alley.

ikfly I love books where the characters cryptically talk about some mysterious tragedy in their pasts! Stop planning and just start writing. Look at writing prompts to inspire the beginning if you’re having trouble with that first sentence. Or start in the middle. Write a scene and go from there. Go back and fill in the missing pieces as they come to you. [name_m]Just[/name_m] start writing. I know you’ll think that’s easier said than done, but it really is that easy. [name_m]Just[/name_m] write. You’re under no obligation to have that first draft be a masterpiece, or make any sense at all. Let your first draft be your outline so to speak. [name_m]Just[/name_m] let go and write.

aj_bear I’ve always wanted to write a historical piece, but I always get so enraptured with all the research I forget to write. :smiley: One of my friends writes historical fiction. Your writing group sounds awesome. I love that you’re all different types of writers and can bring new things to the table. As for the Victorian mess of bonnets and hoop skirts, that sounds like something I’d devour. Haha. I love me some hoop skirts!

geeknamez Screenwriting, hmm, that’s interesting. Never tried to write a screenplay, although I often grumble at the TV screen that I could have written a better script than that. Is your professor just being a jackass? Or is he at least giving you feedback to improve your writing? If he’s just a jackass ignore him, do what you need to pass the class and forget the rest. If he’s being overly critical but in a constructive way, bite your tongue and listen. It doesn’t mean he’s right, so again, take what you can use and forget the rest. If you want my thoughts on which to work on for Nano (if you do it) I’d go for the fairy tale one or the zombie one. If you’re short on time, the complicated fantasy one might be too big a project. I’m always down for zombies and mermaids!

pistachio I already commented to you so I’ll just say that I’m the same in terms of having different writing styles for different works. Does anyone else write lots of different types of stuff? I know I should start settling into what kind of writing I want to do, but honestly, stories come to me from all over. I write all genres. I read all genres, too, which might be why. I just love stories. Give Nano a try. I hope you find some peace in your writing method.

violetgray Again, tagline for every writer I know, although you can work through it. [name_m]Just[/name_m] keep writing. Stop trying to find the perfect word. Get the words, any words, out of your head. Let the story unfold. It might be terrible, but it’s out, and you can work on fixing it once it’s written. If all you ever have is a chapter or two of some story that’s been in your head for 10 years, you’ll never know if it’s any good. And maybe it won’t be any good. That’s totally okay. [name_m]Just[/name_m] keep writing. You will never get better if you don’t write. And who knows, maybe it is good! As for not liking to share your work because you feel vulnerable, I so get that. I too have gone through writing limbo, and it had a lot to do with not wanting to share my most intimate thoughts. I once had my gran start analyzing me through something I’d written and I cried buckets over it. She was trying to be helpful I’m sure, or at least trying to make a connection between what I’d written and things I’d gone through, but I felt naked and ashamed, and after the cry, angry. Unfortunately, it’s our cross to bear if we end up sharing what we write. You have to get to a place where you’re okay baring your soul. [name_m]Don[/name_m]'t ask me how that happens, because I’m not there yet! Working on it.

[name_f]Happy[/name_f] writing, all!

This is my life. Except that I don’t love writing. Not at all. It’s frustrating and boring and hard but I can’t help but do it because it’s what I was born to do. I would happily trade for a talent in maths or science or any other skill that was actually useful.

I also torture myself routinely by looking at excerpts from other novels/reviews of other novels and telling myself that I should stop because people better than me have already been published/my story has already been told/I’m a terrible writer anyway/no one would be interested in my inane drivel, so what’s the point?

I put myself down, I put my work down and consistently panic that people will see one mistake and think me an absolute dullard.


I also have depression, so that doesn’t help :wink: I like to think (though I have no evidence to the fact) that to be really, truly, good at something you have to sacrifice a little sanity along the way.

I agree with you for the most part, RWF (Reddy? Fey? I need a way to shorten this that doesn’t make you sound like an RAF commander!) in that there’s nothing wrong in taking pride in your talents, or a job well done but I’ve run into some writers (we probably all have) who have taken self confidence to the extreme and seem to have absolutely no idea how utterly terrible their stuff is. And this scares me. I think part of the reason I make sure that I’m as honest as I can be with myself about my work (and downplay whatever my true feelings are to other people) is because I’m afraid of becoming one of those poor-unfortunates! If I say my work is just so-so and someone else happens to think it’s good then huzzah for me! But if I say my work is the next evolution of sliced bread and someone goes on to read it and tells me its terrible then I look an idiot.

Though self-publishing has done a lot of good, it has a lot to answer for as well in that regard :confused:

((I’m going to move and tack this thread to the top of the writer’s board by the way :slight_smile: ))

I’m doing NaNo this year! I’ve always wanted to, but never managed to make myself sign up. But I have a million stories planned and plotted and yet unwritten, so I guess that’s what finally drove me to participate. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes. It’s been several years since I finished anything of novel length, and I’m getting more nervous as [name_u]November[/name_u] approaches. Excited, too - I’m having a blast prepping - but definitely nervous. I’m bluebirdeyes on the NaNo website (I added you, redwoodfey!). The novel I’m planning to write is a fantasy adventure type thing. At least I have most of the prep work done, since this story’s been kicking around for a while now. That’s actually a large part of why I picked this story over some of the others; this story has some serious worldbuilding done already that I haven’t managed for several of my other developed-but-unwritten stories. The characters, the setting, the plot, everything’s already there. I just have to write it. Which is the hard part.

About hating my work, pretty much everything I’ve written is like that. There’s one short story I actually kinda like, but all the stuff I wrote in middle and high school was TERRIBLE. Terrible, I tell you, terrible. I can’t even read it. I’m sure it’s not bad for my age, but…oh, gosh, it’s awful. I never feel like what I write is good enough, but I’m not looking for recognition or publishing, so I’m fine with that. It’s the process of writing that I enjoy so much, and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish it. If it’s any good, that’s just bonus points. So I try not to dwell on the quality all that much, because if I do, I know I’ll end up hating myself. But I’d suggest setting it aside for a while before returning to it so you’re coming to it with fresh eyes, and don’t worry if your first draft or even your fifth draft is up to your perfectionist standards. Most likely you’ll never reach them; perfection is pretty impossible. As long as there’s improvement and you’re growing as a writer, I’d say it’s worth the effort no matter the result.

Thanks for moving this, [name_u]Ren[/name_u]. I guess I should have started it here in the first place. :slight_smile: You can call me [name_u]Red[/name_u] or [name_f]Fey[/name_f]. [name_f]Erica[/name_f] is my real name, and [name_m]Larka[/name_m] is a nickname. Any of that works. I agree that there’s a fine line between self confidence and narcissism (I always get tripped up spelling that word, all those S sounds) and I think most people tend towards not talking about the things they like about themselves or the things they’ve created because of fear of sounding like a pompous ass. It’s a valid concern. In my own personal journey, I’ve discovered I’m very good at putting myself down, to myself and to others, so it’s a subject I’m exploring right now. I’m hoping to find that balance. I think you’ve hit it with being honest, as long as it goes both ways: allowing yourself both the opportunity to critique yourself and to share the things you’re proud of. I see you have a link to your novel in your signature. I’ll check it out. What sort of stuff do you write?

Does anyone have a website for their writing? I’ve been thinking of starting one. I don’t think I’d post my novel in there. Samples of novels, perhaps, maybe short stories, writing prompt exercises and the like.

[name_u]Ren[/name_u], one more thing, about the hating writing. That’s really interesting. I feel like that sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say they hate it, but it’s true, there’s something about it that lends itself to hate. I’m probably over-sharing here because I’ve been such an emotional wreck lately, but when you wrote that you’d happily trade the need to write for a useful talent, I nodded my head. I’m making lots of big hard changes in my life, and one of those changes is giving in to this need I have to write, which is a strange way to feel. Giving in, I mean. Rather than embracing it, so to speak, it’s like a battle I’ve been fighting all my life, and it’s finally worn me down. It feels right, there’s really never been any other option, but it’s a grudging right. I’m not sure I’ve explained myself.

periwinkle (can I call you [name_u]Peri[/name_u]? :D) I added you back! I’ll be sure and root for you to get to the finish line. All my middle and high school stuff was terrible, too. Haha! Most of it is put away, but I’ve looked through some of it and just laughed and laughed. There were some good ideas, but the execution was so bad. I remembered one scene I’d written as being so beautiful, this outdoor dancing by a fire scene. I re-read it a couple years ago (I wrote it when I was about 13) and it was hysterically bad. Awkward, it made no sense, I went into way too much detail about this silly dress someone was wearing, etc. It’s nice to see how I’ve improved, though.

I actually joined Nanowrimo just this year, though my friends have been telling me to sign up for years. Not sure how or when I’m going to be able to do because I’m busier than ever this year with all the stupid [name_f]Honor[/name_f] classes I’m taking, but I will certainly give it a try.

I started working on this novel (going to span into a larger part of a series) a couple of months ago that I’m really excited and serious about. Its called The Forgotten, and is about a world parallel to our own where a young woman betrays her strict government after rescuing an “alien” girl who is the last of her kind.

Usually, I just write short stories or flash fiction because none of my novels ever seem to work out. But like I said, for the first time [name_u]EVER[/name_u], I’m really excited about this one.

I actually joined Nanowrimo just this year, though my friends have been telling me to sign up for years. Not sure how or when I’m going to be able to do because I’m busier than ever this year with all the stupid [name_f]Honor[/name_f] classes I’m taking, but I will certainly give it a try.

I started working on this novel (going to span into a larger part of a series) a couple of months ago that I’m really excited and serious about. Its called The Forgotten, and is about a world parallel to our own where a young woman betrays her strict government after rescuing an “alien” girl who is the last of her kind.

Usually, I just write short stories or flash fiction because none of my novels ever seem to work out. But like I said, for the first time [name_u]EVER[/name_u], I’m really excited about this one.

I agree, [name_f]Fey[/name_f]. I feel bad when I brag but I feel so happy to share such a big accomplishment. Tomorrow I’ll be sending my first round of edits back to my editor and he’s going to read it again and probably give me another round of edits. That’s just how it goes.

As for the other stuff, I dislike some things I write, and some things never seem good enough or just the way they should be, but that’s natural. And artist (of any sort) is never completely satisfied. There’s always something that could be added or changed or reworked, etc.
But I’ve never hated my writing, and I’ve never hated myself after. For me, writing was a release, a way to save me. If I hadn’t started writing, I might be dead. I’m over sharing, but when I started writing I was in a very bad place. I was 13, very heavily doing self-harm, very much in the throws of depression, just realizing how abusive my living situation was. I was seeing 3 councilors. If I hadn’t of met my writing partner, if she hadn’t opened that door for me, I wouldn’t have survived that year. I wrote [name_m]Bow[/name_m] Before [name_m]Griffin[/name_m] in that first year, 400 handwritten pages. It’s about 200 typed. I wrote the second book that next year, I wrote the third the next. I wrote furiously to get the demons out, to save myself.

I’m still the same with my writing. I write often and I write feverishly. In the last year, since [name_f]September[/name_f] or so of last year, I have written 2 complete books. The Awakening is 247 typed pages, that’s something like 500 paper back pages. The same with The Transition. I’m starting on The Devouring while I rework the first and think about how to rewrite [name_m]Griffin[/name_m] so it is good and not 13 year old crap. I’m thinking about a sci-fi novel, about poetry, about my DnD campaign I’m writing, about a novella I have in my head…It’s my life. It keeps me going just as much as my daughter does.

Anyway, I guess my mini spill is over. The short version, for me, writing is life. Writing is a way to purge the demons of my soul and trap them on the paper. I write so much and so furiously because if I didn’t, I would be lost. I spent 4 hours this morning working on art work for the books while the baby slept and I’m about to go draw my characters. It’s something I can’t see myself not doing.

Now, if that’s too long and too open or if it makes anyone uncomfortable, let me know, I’ll edit it. On the flip side, I’d be happy to keep talking about my own experiences (in the past, with writing in general, or with anything writing related) if someone needs it. :slight_smile:

Wow, Dantea, good on you for being so open about your story! I can relate to writing-as-a-release; that’s how it was for me back in grade school, though my situation wasn’t quite as dire as your seems. But writing definitely kept it from becoming any worse than it was. But now that I’ve worked past (the worst of) my demons, I do it more due to inspiration than out of necessity. Which is probably why I get so caught up in the fun of planning and never get anything actually written, haha. I only wish I could be as productive as you. Two novels in a year! Wow! I mean, I’ve planned at least that much this past year, and very extensively too, but very few scenes have actually been put into prose. My character descriptions alone fill more pages than the actual written text for most of them. Heck, even my detailed step-by-step plot outlines are longer. Which is a big reason I finally joined NaNo, to force me to turn one of those fully developed plans into an actual novel. If I could turn writing into that kind of habit again, where I write compulsively instead of having to force myself to do it…well, I’d be a very happy person.

[name_f]Fey[/name_f]: [name_u]Peri[/name_u] is fine! Or [name_u]Blue[/name_u], since that matches my NaNo name as well. [name_m]Even[/name_m] though it pains me, it is always nice to look back at my old writing whenever I’m feeling discouraged. It reminds me of how much I’ve improved, and therefore also how much I can continue to improve with time. Good self-esteem booster! :slight_smile: