Main Character Names *Help Please*

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I think your three names sound very real and don’t have a great deal of baggage. I don’t know what your story is about, or when it’s set, and that’s important, but on general priciple, I don’t see anything wrong with these choices and commend your decision not to create off-the-wall monikers.

I love your names but for me I would swap [name]Hallie[/name] and [name]Alice[/name]'s names. To me [name]Hallie[/name] [name]Summer[/name] sounds fun and spunky unlike the quiet narrator you described her to be. Likewise, [name]Alice[/name] is a classic and for me the name suggests a more reserved person not a rocker type person. Great names, but [name]IMO[/name] they sound better swapped.

To keep your same names, I would make [name]Alice[/name] the quiet narrator, [name]Hallie[/name] the rocker, and keep [name]Victoria[/name] the extroverted one, personally…

If it were me writing the story, I think I might have [name]Cate[/name] [name]Montgomery[/name] as the quiet narrator, a girl with an independent spirit who shies away from many social situations and expectations. Her best friend, [name]Lola[/name] [name]Jay[/name], is a rocker, with a spunky, creative attitude and playful spirits. Their other close friend, [name]Regina[/name] [name]Matthews[/name], is bold and outspoken, with a clear extrovert personality - she enjoys being around people but can be quite bossy and vindictive if she so chooses…

[quote=“karmaismyname”]I want opinions on the main characters names for my story. Right now there is three main charaters and their names are [name]Hallie[/name] [name]Summers[/name], [name]Alice[/name] [name]Clark[/name], and [name]Victoria[/name] Edwards.

[name]Hallie[/name] [name]Summer[/name]: is the narrator of the story and the quiet one. - I like this a lot.

[name]Alice[/name] [name]Clark[/name]: is hallie’s best friends and the rocker. - [name]Alice[/name] [name]Clark[/name] sounds like a quiet person. [name]How[/name] about [name]Tallulah[/name] [name]Clark[/name] or [name]Sierra[/name] [name]Clark[/name] or something that sounds rocker-like? [name]Topanga[/name] [name]Clark[/name], [name]Willow[/name] [name]Clark[/name], [name]Genevieve[/name] [name]Clark[/name], [name]Francesca[/name] [name]Clark[/name], [name]Jessamyn[/name] [name]Clark[/name], [name]Paloma[/name] [name]Clark[/name] (love it), [name]Ramona[/name] [name]Clark[/name].

[name]Victoria[/name] Edwards: is another friend of hallie’s and she has a extroverted personality. - love the first name [name]Victoria[/name] for an extroverted personality, but I think I would give her a one-syllable last name that is perkier than Edwards. Here is an example: [name]Victoria[/name] Sparks, but that is too much, I think. [name]Victoria[/name] [name]Hawes[/name] would be better.

What I’m asking is your opinion on the name. [name]Do[/name] you think their names go with who they are? or [name]Do[/name] you even like the names to start? Telling what you think?