Malcolm's Middle Name

Which is your favorite? Clyde is my father in-law’s middle name and his dad’s first name. Randolph was my husband’s great grandfather’s name, and I feel like it also honors Randall which is my father in-law’s first name and my mom’s maiden name. Redding was my granny’s maiden name. Brian is my husband’s name. He’d never agree to name a kid after himself, but I might just fill out the birth certificate and surprise him. After all, he named our daughter after me. :grin: The last name sounds like “mantis” minus the T.

  • Malcolm Clyde “Mantis”
  • Malcolm Randolph “Mantis”
  • Malcolm Redding “Mantis”
  • Malcolm Brian “Mantis”

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[name_u]Love[/name_u] [name_u]Clyde[/name_u] here

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I love that [name_m]Randolph[/name_m] has aspects of each side of the family :smiling_face:

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[name_m]Clide[/name_m] is one of my favorites.

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