I think it’s adorable! it was popular in Norway like 20 years ago, and my grandpa was like full Norwegian.

what do you think of it? anyone know how to pronounce it in Norwegian ?

I don’t know anything about Norwegian names, but this name reminds me A LOT of the word MALIGN, which means to say evil things or slander. (It can also be an adjective.) The route of this word is [name]Mal[/name], which means ‘evil’ or ‘bad’ in French. Not very wonderful associations.

One of my best friends is called [name]Malin[/name]! It’s not my style, but I can appreciate it!

I’m Norwegian, and the pronunciation is approximately the same as what I imagine you say… MA-linn would be right, with the I like in ‘inn’ and a very deep ‘a’ like in ‘arm’. I guess you could say [name]MAL[/name]-inn as well, but there’s really no difference! ^^

Here’s a link to her popularity graph in Norway:

My Norwegian name site says she’s a Swedish form of [name]Magdalena[/name], but it’s pretty common here as well, and it’s the kind of name no one in Norway or [name]Sweden[/name] consider particularly Swedish like Moa or Pontus :slight_smile:
Over 50 000 women are named [name]Malin[/name] in [name]Sweden[/name], about 8000 in Norway, but 8000 is pretty common by Norwegian standards! We’re only 4,5 million people total! [name]Sweden[/name] has twice as much!

thanks for the info deirdre and dearest!

I misread it as ‘[name]Marlin[/name]’…perhaps I’ve been watching too much Finding [name]Nemo[/name] these days!

[name]Malin[/name] seems an interesting name and I can see why it appeals. The ‘mal’ bit does make me think of other words meaning things like ‘bad’ or ‘ill’ though but it’s to sort of name I could get used to quickly.

So is it pronounced more like Mauling? Like what a lion does to a gazelle? Or Malling, combo of shopping and hanging out at the mall?

If I saw this name, I would pronounce it like Mallow with an -in at the end, and it’s not so bad, but it sounds almost like Melon, especially when people pronounce Marshmallow as [name]Marsh[/name]-Mellow.

Also when I see this name, I recall an internet person many years ago who went by Melin, as in short for [name]Melinda[/name] (I believe as she started out [name]Lindy[/name]). She was litigious and a little bit sad. I probably shouldn’t say more. :slight_smile: The second thing I think of saying this name is Mah-[name]LIN[/name], like [name]Melinda[/name] without the -da, emphasis on the second. It’s prettier that way than the Melon or Mauling pronunciation, but has bad associations for me. Melin, wherever you are have a great [name]Christmas[/name] and please don’t flip out and threaten to sue me because I said you might be sad. It’s not character assassination, it’s not libel!

I don’t really “see” the [name]MAL[/name] in [name]Malin[/name] any more than I see it in [name]Malcolm[/name] or [name]Amalia[/name], for example, but knowing others do makes me glad my name more closely sounds like “caring”!

There is an actress [name]Malin[/name] Ackerman (she was in Watchmen and 27 Dresses). I’m pretty sure she says MA-lin (Like the MA in mat).

i was told its pronounced may-lynn but i have no idea. its pretty and gives the nn molly or mali.

I always think of [name]Sally[/name] [name]Field[/name]'s character in [name]Steel[/name] Magnolias, I also go with pronouncing the name as (ma-lynn)/(muh-lynn).

I love [name]Malin[/name].