Man Ram and El Tovar

[name]Manny[/name] [name]Ramirez[/name] is moving to L.A., and I heard that he’s going to buy a house in the Glendale hills. I think he’s going to buy a famously huge and tacky house in my old neighborhood because “[name]El[/name] Tovar” (the house’s name) is the only really expensive house in Glendale in the hills that’s for sale right now plus it is the largest house in Glendale. Several years ago somebody tore down this cute, modest 50’s ranch house and built this huge monstrosity. They didn’t get permits for it and had to pay a huge fine. A bunch of the neighbors got mad and moved away. The whole [name]El[/name] Tovar debacle was in the local paper every few days for over a year.
If you want to see this ugly, enormous house go to and look up the zip code 91208. The house is at 3150 [name]El[/name] Tovar and they’re asking $3,400,000.00. If you click on the picture of the house, you can see three more interior photos that show off its ugliness.
By the way the house I grew up in is only around 1,800 sq. ft.
Okay, I know this doesn’t have too much to do with names but [name]Manny[/name] is a fun name and [name]Tova[/name] is, too. Maybe [name]Mannie[/name] will have some babies in that house. Also thought you guys would enjoy hearing about this tidbit of news.

That is one Monstrosity alright. My other half would love it! I have no clue who [name]Manny[/name] [name]Ramirez[/name] is but if he can afford that, more power to him.

I can’t imagine the electricity bill that place generates, My goodness. :smiley:

I like [name]Manny[/name] as a nickname for [name]Emmanuel[/name]. [name]Josie[/name] just watched “Ice Age” again (the first one’s her favorite) and [name]Manny[/name]'s the Mammoth, short for [name]Manfred[/name], blah!

This one?[name]El[/name]-Tovar_Glendale_CA_91208_1104456687

What would you need with 8 bedrooms? WHOA

[name]Manny[/name] [name]Ramirez[/name] is an incredible slugger baseball player who the Yankees were trying to get but then he signed with the Dodgers. He’s super famous.
Isn’t that house the ugliest? I wish you could see it in person. You drive through this charming unassuming little neighborhood and turn left. Then you go down this tiny little hill which I used to think about sometimes when I was trying to fall asleep because it’s so shady and lulling. Then you turn left, expecting to see another delightful little ranch house from the 50’s.
But instead there is this overpopulation of monstrous brick walls like they’re going to take over the world, and this whale of a house that looks like it’s a tacky resort or something. Really disturbing! Not pretty.