Cousin has this as #1 choice, WDYT?

[name]Mara[/name] is my eldest cousin’s name. I’ve always really liked it, though for my own tastes, I would prefer [name]Mary[/name]. I approve!

It’s a very pretty name, and a solid, classic choice. :slight_smile: Pronunciation problems would be the only drawback-- mahr-a vs. mare-a. Are they considering any other names? [name]Do[/name] they need middle name suggestions?

I really like this name, pronounced Mah-ra.

[name]Mara[/name]'s the Hindu goddess of death.

[name]Mara[/name] is a nice name: variation of [name]Mary[/name]. I like it ok, but I prefer [name]Maria[/name] or just plain [name]Mary[/name].

I like [name]Mara[/name], although it sounds as though there might be some pronunciation, association issues. I don’t like [name]Mary[/name] better, as other posters do, but I do like [name]Miriam[/name], [name]Mare[/name], [name]Marin[/name], [name]Meredith[/name] (from another family of names), [name]Maribella[/name], [name]Mamie[/name], [name]Maisie[/name], and [name]Polly[/name].

No offense intended to anyone, I know many like this name and this is [name]JUST[/name] my honest opinion for ME…

I’ve always felt very “meh” about it. It has no zing or interest… dark vowels, very soft consonants, which makes it sound draggy. I tend to like peppy, happy names so it’s absolutely not my style, of course. I can see the appeal in the simplicity, with a bit of uncommon flair… but it just doesn’t grab me at all, and I like a name to GRAB me!

I like this, pronounced in my accent as mah-RAH.

I prefer [name]Mary[/name] though :slight_smile:

[name]Mara[/name] is ok but it lacks pizzazz. It doesn’t sparkle as a name. It doesn’t grab me. When naming any child, I would want to say an enthusiastic “YES, THAT’S IT!” not just “IT’S OK”.

Thanks for the replies. I’m also kinda meh about it. [name]Will[/name] let you know what she eventually decides!

[name]EDIT[/name] What do you think of her second choice, [name]Sabrina[/name]?

[name]Mara[/name] holds absolutely no interest for me. I always think that naming a child is such a special process–why not pick a name that really stands out and shines? I can’t picture [name]Mara[/name] on a precious baby, or anyone for that matter.

As for her second choice, [name]Sabrina[/name] seems worlds away from [name]Mara[/name], a totally different style. In my opinion, it will always be tied to [name]Sabrina[/name] the Teenaged Witch and I can never like the name. I do love [name]Sabina[/name] though. Maybe you can make the suggestions of [name]Marina[/name] and [name]Sabina[/name] instead of [name]Mara[/name] and [name]Sabrina[/name].