[name]Marabel[/name] was the name Nameberry had as their name pick of the day? What are your thoughts? I always loved [name]Belle[/name] names but they have been a little ruined with Twilight! What would you use as a middle name?

Also we have heard a couple other namer we are thinking of putting on our list… thoughts??
[name]Harlie[/name] (husbands fav but I think of motorcyles)
[name]Kinsley[/name] ( my take on mckenzie cause I wanted it but it took a while to get prego so we have 3 in the family now)
[name]Peyton[/name] (husbands second pick)

3 weeks left:)

I think marabel is your best name from this list

[name]Marabel[/name] is interesting. I’ve never been a huge [name]Mara[/name] fan even though I love [name]Cara[/name]/[name]Cora[/name]/[name]Clara[/name]/[name]Sarah[/name]/etc. I personally prefer [name]Mirabelle[/name], [name]Arabella[/name], [name]Annabel[/name], and most of all [name]Isabelle[/name]. I don’t really think Twilight has ruined most [name]Belle[/name] names–the popularity of [name]Isabella[/name] has ruined the appeal of most [name]Bella[/name] names to a lot of people, but I don’t think it makes them unusable. [name]Just[/name] because a name is popular doesn’t make it a bad name–it just means other people love the name, too, haha.

I really like [name]Maisie[/name] from your other options, although I would use it as a NN for something–maybe even [name]Marabel[/name]. I think [name]Marguerite[/name] or [name]Mae[/name], nn [name]Maisie[/name], is really cute…

Good luck!

[name]Marabel[/name] is a beautiful name, [name]IMO[/name]. [name]Love[/name] the nn possibility of [name]Maisie[/name], too–so precious. Have you considered [name]Bryony[/name] or [name]Blythe[/name]?

My college roomate was [name]Maribel[/name]. I had never heard the name before. It has such a pleasant sound and looks beautiful too. The [name]Maribel[/name] I know is very very sweet personality. Very positive name for me :slight_smile: By far the best on your list

I like it! nn [name]Mara[/name] is cute. I also really like [name]Mirabel[/name]. Looove [name]Maisie[/name]. Would use it a lot, but I would make it short for something, like [name]Mae[/name] (even though the nn is longer then the full name, still think it works). [name]One[/name] of my favorites!

I like [name]Marabel[/name], and [name]Mirabel[/name] as others have suggested. A lot of the other names you’ve mentioned wouldn’t weather well as your baby turns into an adult. [name]Mara[/name]/[name]Mirabel[/name] would be pretty on a baby, and distinguished and interesting on a woman.