So I was just thinking about the name [name]Marcel[/name] today and wondering if it’s usable. I like the sound of it – very fresh and different and I once read a book with a great character named [name]Marcellus[/name], but I worry that [name]Marcel[/name] doesn’t sound masculine enough. What do you all think? Would it work for a boy/man in the US?

I quite like the name, but you should know that a lot of people will probably immediately think of the monkey from Friends. It doesn’t seem feminine or anything like that though and I would respond positively to hearing the name on a boy/man.

My first thought was [name]Marcel[/name] [name]Marceau[/name]. Then I thought, isn’t that a monkey? I’ve never watched Friends but because the show was so big, even people who didn’t watch could make that connection

I prefer [name]Marcellus[/name], I went to school with one. Sometimes people would call him [name]Marcel[/name] or Cellus but mostly he went by [name]Marcellus[/name]

All I can think of is [name]Marcel[/name] the [name]Shell[/name]. I prefer [name]Marcellus[/name], but neither is really my style.

I know it’s a boy name, and while I’d never use it on a girl, it has a very feminine sound. It also makes me think of the monkey on Friends!

I don’t see it as a feminine name. I actually quite like it. Like you said, it’s traditional but fresh.

[name]Marcel[/name] is great. I think it’s unique, fresh, with tradition as well. I think that the pop culture references will eventually fade ([name]Marcel[/name] the Monkey was only on Friends for a season or two, [name]Marcel[/name] [name]Marceau[/name] passed away, and [name]Marcel[/name] the [name]Shell[/name] isn’t that popular) and the name will become usable, and maybe even breach the top 500.
[name]Hope[/name] that helps!

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