Hubby suggested this name for our DD. Is it too boring/plain? Thanks! :). Other children are [name]Anthony[/name], [name]Rocco[/name] and [name]Isabella[/name]

I think it is, especially compared to [name]Rocco[/name]…

What about changing it to [name]Marisa[/name]? Same meaning, variant of same name, but more modern and interesting, in my opinion! Good luck!

I think that [name]Maria[/name] is beautiful. Yes, it’s very popular, but it feels so timeless to me. If you’re unsure, what about [name]Mariana[/name] with [name]Isabella[/name], [name]Anthony[/name], and [name]Rocco[/name]?

Good luck!

Or [name]Mariella[/name]…That’s the Italian form of [name]Maria[/name].