[name]How[/name] do YOU pronounce it?
I know that its spelt like [name]Mary[/name]-gold but I hear people say mara-gold…so how do you say it?
I don’t like [name]Mary[/name]-gold, but I love [name]Mara[/name]-gold.


I pronounce it the same way as the flower, so more like mara-gold.

I say mara-gold
so pretty!

I say mare-i-gold (I like in ‘it’.)

okay thanks!

mara-gold. And it’s [name]LOVELY[/name]! :slight_smile:

I say [name]Mara[/name]-gold. It’s the name of our third daughter, so of course I love it. :slight_smile:

[name]Mar[/name]-uh-gold, with the schwa in the middle.

I’m pregnant and this is #1 on our list, partially because there really is no bad way to say it,

unlike, say…[name]Roselind[/name], or [name]Esme[/name]. (I love [name]Rose[/name]-a-lind but dislike rawz-lind)

It’s such a pretty, happy name!

[name]Mar[/name]-a-gold or [name]Mar[/name]-ih-gold (short i as in it, as someone said upthread). It’s a short neutral vowel sound, it’s not [name]Mary[/name]-gold, at least not in my accent.

I also say [name]Mare[/name]-ih-gold, like in the i in It

okay thanks everyone, just wanted to make sure it was how I thought it was! & also happy to see that people like it =)

[name]Mare[/name]-uh-gold. My best friend says [name]Mary[/name]-gold. She grew up in [name]Tennessee[/name] & I grew up in NJ. Maybe regional?