Marly Shelton

Actress [name]Marly[/name] [name]Shelton[/name] gave birth to a girl, [name]West[/name], yesterday…

Any opinions?
I don’t know the middle name just her name is [name]West[/name]

I don’t like it. [name]West[/name] sounds like a boy’s name to me. But I guess I also don’t like it because [name]Weston[/name] is my favorite name for a boy, which is so close to [name]West[/name].

I seriously don’t like it. Lol

I don’t like it either for your same reason.

It sounds more like a boys name than a girls

And oh my gosh! [name]West[/name] [name]Flynn[/name]?! Seriously?!!! [name]Ah[/name], it kills me.

It sounds like a high school, or a suburb somewhere. Hopefully she’s got a good middle name that they’re keeping under wraps to break that up.

I don’t like [name]West[/name] for a girl…I second the good middle name idea! In fact, it would be depressing if she had no middle name, just [name]West[/name].