Guilty pleasure name of mine! What do you think? Which pn would you use: MOR-is or mo-[name]REES[/name]? (I prefer mo-[name]REES[/name]…)

He would be [name]Maurice[/name] Churchyard.

Thanks [name]Eli[/name]

Hmmm I’m undecided on [name]Maurice[/name]. I pronounce it MOR-eese rather than [name]Morris[/name], I just figure I you want to call your child [name]Morris[/name] name him [name]Morris[/name], not [name]Maurice[/name].

Oh, actually it makes me think of the [name]Bee[/name] Gees too! Which could be good or bad I suppose… I think [name]Maurice[/name] Churchyard sounds rather distinguished:)

[name]Hope[/name] this helped (though it probably didn’t…)! Good [name]Luck[/name]:slight_smile:

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

What a lovely name! [name]Maurice[/name]! I’d pronounce it “the french way”… moh-[name]REESE[/name]. I agree with [name]Charlie[/name]: [name]Maurice[/name] Churchyard does sound very distinguished! [name]Mo[/name] is a wonderful nickname too.

[name]Jess[/name] x

Hm… I much prefer the pronunciation of mor-is as opposed to mor-ees; but I think that [name]Maurice[/name] prounounced like [name]Morris[/name] would be mainly in the UK, and I think that it’ll certainly be said as mor-ees here in [name]America[/name] (don’t know where you live, haha.)

But anyways, I think it’s gorgeous pronounced mor-is. [name]Maurice[/name] Churchyard… fabulous!

I suppose it could grow on me if I saw it enough (I’d say it mo-[name]REESE[/name]), but at the moment it just reminds me of [name]Belle[/name]'s father in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Not sure if that’s a good association or a bad one, or how many others would even have that association. I have no idea what middle names I would suggest here.

I would have thought to pronounce it more-EES, but my (French) husband informed me that in French it is pronounced like [name]Morris[/name]. Now I see it that way. I much prefer the pronunciation MORR-is, but like the [name]Maurice[/name] spelling.

Thanks everyone. ducky I think the french accent gives a slight ee sound to the -is in Mor-is pronounciation. Thinking about it I do prob put the emphasis on the first syllable then a slight eese sound to the end… I’m in the UK and people here are equally split on pronounciation.