I just read about a [name]German[/name] actress with this name, and I thought it was worth taking note of! I’m not entirely sure of it’s origin, but I found a source that said it was a modern name derived from the French “ma vie” meaning “my life” and that it seems to mostly get used in the [name]German[/name]-speaking world. (If anyone knows better please feel free to correct this information!) The pronunciation is basically like [name]Marie[/name] with a V.

I think it’s interesting, so I’m curious to see other’s opinions on it!

Any thoughts?

I was liking it until I read the part about the pronunciation. I was thinking “[name]MAY[/name]-vee,” as in, a diminutive form of [name]Mavis[/name]. Made me think of [name]Maisy[/name] and [name]Mamie[/name]. If the pronunciation is like [name]Marie[/name], I don’t like it as much, simply because it would be mispronounced constantly where I live.