Meaningful name for hat design

(I wasn’t sure what category to put this in, because this is quite possibly the first knitting pattern you all have been asked to name, but I am putting it in writers corner)

So. I am in the middle of designing a knitted hat pattern, and since I like names, I am thinking a lot about what it’s name is going to be. I want the name to have a meaning, and it doesn’t have to be particularly “name-y” (ok if it isn’t something you would use for a baby) the name would be either used by itself, or as “—— hat”
Here are some words and descriptions to inspire you.
[name_u]Light[/name_u]/evening light
[name_u]Lake[/name_u] (I am planning to photograph the hat next to one, at sunset)
[name_f]Delight[/name_f] (my favorite word)

I want the name to be prettily pronounced, and preferably mean something that is nice/positive or relates to one of my words above.

I have considered…
(Looking for feelings and feedback on these)
Isby (doesn’t mean anything, isn’t a name in nameberry, but is mentioned under [name_f]Thisbe[/name_f], and I like the sound, simplicity, softness, and not overly gender biased sounding. (It is a little more girly to me, and I am ok with that.)
[name_m]Calix[/name_m] (the first I found, but now I feel like it may have been used as a pattern name one too many times.)
Celise (like the sound, found when looking on Pinterest for calix, but has no good meaning)
Roseate/Aureate (roseate means rose colored or optimistic, which I love, and aureate means golden. These two are words that I like the meanings, but maybe not the sound, especially on aureate, Orr-ee-it)
[name_f]Lelita[/name_f] (like the sound/meaning, but not perfect/ excactly my style)
Meraki (again, a word, meaning doing something with soul, creativity, or love – when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing. [name_u]Love[/name_u] the meaning, but am not sure if I love-love it)

I am excited to see what you can come up with. Currently I like isby the most even though it isn’t a name with a meaning/ is an invented nickname.

I love knitting so this is quite exciting! :yarn:

I like Isby a lot - it’s kind of nice that it doesn’t mean anything and would just be the name of your pattern.

If you like the sound of it, you could also use the name of the lake you want to photograph it in front of? Naming the pattern after the geographic location/close to where you created it would be quite meaningful, I think.

Light/evening light makes me think of [name_u]Dusk[/name_u]. Could maybe be paired with another one of your options - [name_u]Dusk[/name_u] Roseate, Isby [name_u]Dusk[/name_u], etc.?

Other fun sky/light related combos could be [name_f]Rosy[/name_f] [name_f]Sun[/name_f], [name_f]Rosy[/name_f] [name_f]Moon[/name_f], [name_f]Luna[/name_f] [name_f]Rosy[/name_f], etc.

Some star/constellation names like [name_f]Estella[/name_f], [name_f]Lyra[/name_f], [name_f]Astra[/name_f], etc. also come to mind.

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Yes, I am leaning towards isby.
And the sun related names are a plus because of the sunset/ the coral sunburst-ish shape at the top.
Thank you for you suggestions. :blush:

Also, I stumbled across the word apricity. Meaning-the warmth of the sun in winter, which is the perfect seasonal/sunny/warm reference.

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