I’m guessing roughly 99% of you HATE the name Micaelan/Mikaylin. However, I figured I’d ask about it anyway. [name]Do[/name] you like it? Hate it? Think it’s completely made up?

Some possible spellings:

I am not sure if I like the name btw. Thanks!

To be honest it isn’t great! Especially Micaelan… Boy or girl? [name]Caelan[/name] is a boys name so I’d steer away from that one… I think Mikaylin or Makaylin are your best bets… Although to me they all look like you are trying too hard to make [name]Caelan[/name]/[name]Kaylin[/name] etc. look original. But if you love it then there are worse names.
[name]Dahlia[/name] x

I think the only real problem i have with this name, is that it doesnt appear to be a name. To me it look slike some odd mixture of [name]Michaela[/name] and [name]Kaylyn[/name]. I dont hate the name, but its not a name i like very much. Out of all the spellings you have listed Micaelan would have to be the best though, though to sterr away from pronunciation problems Mikaylin would be easiest but thats way ‘youneek’. I think that the simple [name]Michaela[/name] is better if you like the style of Micaelan.
Good [name]Luck[/name]! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say I hate it, but it just isn’t my style. It does look made up, but she (or he?) would at least be in good company on that front. Phonetically Makaylin would probably have the least pronunciation issues. If you are still looking at names, I agree that [name]Michaela[/name] is the way to go if you like this style, but want more of a classic feel.

Something about this tells me it works better starting with an N:
Nacaela ooh, I like that