I’ve heard this name a while back: [name]Michelina[/name]. It’s the Italian feminine form of [name]Michael[/name] (along with Michela). [name]Do[/name] you think that it sounds pretty? I think it’s very pretty, and I like that it’s not as common as [name]Michelle[/name].

What do you think of [name]Michelina[/name]?

The first thing I thought of when I saw the title of this post was the [name]Michelina[/name] frozen food entrees. I guess it is ok, but would always make me think of pasta.

Ha…Poptart I thought the same thing but I do think it’s pretty. I have also hear the name [name]Micheline[/name] (sounds like [name]Michael[/name]- lean) which I also like. But what I like most is the neither name is super popular so your child would have a unique yet pretty name!

Never heard of the frozen food brand! Maybe it got its name from a real person with the name?

I like [name]Micheline[/name], too.

I prefer the French name of [name]Micheline[/name] better than the Italian [name]Michelina[/name]. I also thought of frozen food when I first saw the name on this post. [name]Michelle[/name] is not as popular now as it once was in the 60’s, 70’s and & 80’s. There is also another alternative, [name]Michaela[/name].

Another person who thought of the frozen food!

I knew a girl named [name]Micheline[/name], which always reminded me of the tires, and [name]Michelina[/name] makes me think of tires, too. I think they are both pretty names; I like the sound of [name]Micheline[/name] better.