Middle name for Amaya

Please suggest cute fun middle names that will sound good with [name]Amaya[/name]. She is the only girl out of 6 children. I was going to go with [name]Paige[/name] then realized her initials would be A.P.E. So [name]Paige[/name] is out. Thanks

[name]Amaya[/name] [name]Shea[/name]
[name]Amaya[/name] [name]Eve[/name] (cute for the only girl)
[name]Amaya[/name] Ryn
[name]Amaya[/name] [name]Ruby[/name]
[name]Amaya[/name] [name]Laney[/name]
[name]Amaya[/name] [name]Wynne[/name]
[name]Amaya[/name] [name]Belle[/name]
[name]Amaya[/name] [name]Winter[/name]
[name]Amaya[/name] [name]Soleil[/name]
[name]Amaya[/name] [name]Elise[/name]
[name]Amaya[/name] [name]Juliet[/name]

[name]How[/name] about [name]Amaya[/name] [name]Camille[/name]? [name]How[/name] cute would it be to have initals A.C.E.