Middle name for Micah?

I’m thinking about going with [name]Micah[/name] (or maybe Miketon, Mikelis, or Mikedon)
I posted something earlier about [name]Michael[/name] hyphenated with something else but a lot of people don’t like it and I don’t know if I do anymore either.

First Names:


Middle Names :



Mikedon [name]Boston[/name] (possibly with another middle name)

Which combo works best?

I do like [name]Micah[/name] for a first name, with either [name]Donovan[/name] or [name]Boston[/name] as the middle name. I am not a fan of “made up” names so your other choices sound off to me (but thats just me) I also do not like hyphanated names, could you just eliminate the hyphen and use two middle names if you have to? [name]How[/name] about just the initials of the names you want to honor?

I looked up on nameberry the international variations of [name]Michael[/name] - do any of these appeal to you?

[name]Makis[/name] - Greek
M”che”l - Irish gaelic
[name]Meical[/name] - Welsh
[name]Mica[/name] - Hebrew
[name]Micah[/name] - Hebrew
[name]Micha[/name] - Hebrew
[name]Michal[/name] - Polish
[name]Micheil[/name] - Scottish
[name]Michel[/name] - French
[name]Michele[/name] - Italian
[name]Micho[/name] - Spanish
[name]Michon[/name] - French
[name]Mietek[/name] - Polish
[name]Miguel[/name] - Spanish
[name]Mihai[/name] - Romanian
[name]Mihangel[/name] - Welsh
Mih”ly - Hungarian
[name]Mihkel[/name] - Estonian
[name]Mikael[/name] - Swedish
[name]Mikael[/name] - Danish
[name]Mikel[/name] - Basque
[name]Mikhail[/name] - Russian
[name]Mikhos[/name] - Greek
[name]Mikk[/name] - Estonian
[name]Mikkel[/name] - Danish
[name]Mikko[/name] - Finnish
[name]Miquel[/name] - Catalan
[name]Mischa[/name] - Russian
[name]Misha[/name] - Hebrew
[name]Misha[/name] - Russian
[name]Misi[/name] - Hungarian
[name]Miska[/name] - Hungarian

I want the name to have the “[name]Mike[/name]” part that you hear in [name]Michael[/name] but not be too similar to [name]Michael[/name], such as [name]Mikel[/name] or [name]Michal[/name].

I really like Michah, but I’m not a fan of the made-up names, either.

[name]Micah[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Joseph[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Nathaniel[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Raphael[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Samuel[/name]

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Miketon, Mikelis, and Mikedon are actual names, they just aren’t really used that much so they sound made-up.

Honestly, most people won’t know that those names aren’t made up because they seem to fit in with some of the trends coming out right now. I personally just don’t like the sound of them (they sound awkward to me). But I do love [name]Micah[/name]! I also like the suggestions of [name]Micah[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name] or micah [name]Donovan[/name]. Here are some of my own

[name]Micah[/name] [name]Connor[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Weston[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Elliot[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Bryant[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Rylan[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Landon[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Kellan[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Leland[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Keegan[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Theodore[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Nathaniel[/name]
[name]Micah[/name] [name]Sebastian[/name]

I think that [name]Micah[/name] sounds really nice with a 2 syllable middle name. Or you could do two one syllable middle names( But it may be better without the hyphens since they make it look like a early last name). [name]Micah[/name] [name]Jake[/name] [name]Paul[/name] or something like that.

Some of myra’s ideas are lovely. [name]Micah[/name] [name]Weston[/name], etc.

Thanks everyone!