Middle Name Needed!!!

I need a middle name for a character who has the first name [name]Azure[/name] and the last name [name]Lorin[/name]. She has chocolate brown hair and honey colored eyes, and she lives in a difficult home. Her twin sister (who was her parents’ favorite…she was never really accepted) died three years ago, and since then her mother descended into depression and spends her days sleeping in a dark room, and her father has distanced himself from her in every way. She finds comfort in her all-too realistic dreams and in her best friend: the boy next door. The she discovers that she has power in her dreams, and that they are given to her by a sort of [name]Dream[/name] [name]Fairy[/name] (like the tooth fairy). She finds out that the dreams are only given to troubled people to escape their lives. She also finds out that her best friend (the aforementioned boy next door) also receives these dreams and is with her in them.
I also need a last/middle name for the boy-next-door: [name]Gideon[/name]. He is called [name]Eon[/name] (pronounced E-on not E-an).

What’s the twin’s name? That would really help me decide her middle name. [name]Just[/name] from her name, how about [name]Azure[/name] [name]Beatrix[/name] [name]Lorin[/name], or [name]Azure[/name] [name]Minerva[/name] [name]Lorin[/name]? I think you need a more traditional middle name to balance out the slightly unusual [name]Azure[/name]. That, and I like the name [name]Minerva[/name] :).

For [name]Gideon[/name]/[name]Eon[/name]'s last name, would any of these work?

I like [name]Harlow[/name], [name]Moore[/name], and Hess. As for [name]MInerva[/name], I’ve never been fond of the name, but I like the suggestion of having a more traditional name to balance out [name]Azure[/name]. Maybe something less old-fashioned than [name]Minerva[/name], but more common than [name]Azure[/name]? For the twin’s name I’m thinking either [name]Azalea[/name] or [name]Aqua[/name], whether to connect the names via two first letters or by meaning & first letter. Which do you like better?

[name]Azure[/name] [name]Lorin[/name] is a bit difficult to say.
I guess she needs a classic type middle name.
Perhaps one of these will work:

Or something nature-y:

[name]Delphine[/name], [name]Delfina[/name]

[name]Gideon[/name]'s middle name suggestions:


Last name suggestions:


[name]Regina[/name] jumped out at me. [name]Azure[/name] is kind of a soft sounding name, just in the way it’s said, and [name]Lorin[/name] sounds more like a first name but is also really soft. I’d go for something longer and sharper.

[name]Lorin[/name] [name]Azure[/name] flows better for me, but I’m not too fond of [name]Azure[/name]; it has that weird, indecisive Z in the middle, and the ‘ure’ sound at the end sounds like the [name]German[/name] EU, which isn’t necessarily a pretty sound. If you need it to mean blue, there are lots of other names that are much prettier. Azulla is similar. [name]Indigo[/name] and [name]Cobalt[/name] are other options for you. And I realize that I shouldn’t be critiquing a decided name, so sorry about that, but [name]Azure[/name] just doesn’t sound good to me.

[name]Gideon[/name] needs something meaningful for a middle name, and I’d go with a rather plain last name to balance it out. Pick character traits and look up names with those meanings, this is something that really adds some umph to your names, even if most people won’t look them up. You end up with more interesting names that get people curious, which is a good thing. Also consider parents’ motivations in naming, because you may want to/end up including that bit of backstory.

Thank you for the advice! I really like the last name [name]Santiago[/name], and, sorry, but I’m really very decided on [name]Azure[/name]. I like [name]Sienna[/name], too. [name]Azure[/name] [name]Sienna[/name] [name]Lorin[/name]. The only real time you’ll hear the middle name anyhow is when [name]Eon[/name] is yelling at her. :slight_smile: [name]Regina[/name] is a good contrast, too, but I’ve recently read a story where [name]Regina[/name] is the evil person, so the name already has a character associated with a character for me.
None of the [name]Gideon[/name] middle names have jumped out at me, but I’ll look up some meanings, as you suggest. :slight_smile: