Middle names help!

I’ve always wanted to name my first baby after my two brothers, however my husband and I have already come up with a different first name. Is two middle names too much? I have three middle names and it has never bothered me and I often get comments on how unusual my name is, but I worry! What do you all think?

I loe using middle names to honor those we love. My 16 yr old has two first names. My 5yr old and 9wk old each have two middle names. We’ve never experienced any problems and my older two both love their names. I don’t think it’s too much at all and only gives the name more depth and personality. Not to mention, middle names aren’t used on an everyday basis, so they really present an opporunity to be a little more daring.

I have two middle names, and it’s never ever been a problem … actually, it was the norm at my school (although, it was a fee-paying school). I think it is generally very common, though, and it is a lovely idea to honour both of your brothers.
That said, I remember when we took public exams at my school, our full names would be written out on our assigned desk, and it was always incredibly amusing when people had 5 or so …

I don’t think its a problem, my brother has two my Dad’s name and my mum’s maiden as he was first boy grandchild both sides.