Mild ginger chews?

I bought some ginger chews to help with nausea and while I was expecting a bit of a kick, it lit my mouth on fire. I had to spit it out and it took me a few minutes for my racing heart to calm down. I have a very sensitive palette. :frowning:

Does anyone have recommendations for a ginger chew or anything else that will help with nausea? Preferably not another pill to swallow and easy to carry in my purse. TIA!

hi there! not a mom but i do have chronic pain that often causes nausea!

i have a Quease Ease pen sort of thing that is about the size of a lipstick. you untwist the cap and the smell can help with nausea.

i also suggest smelling lavender or peppermint oil, most essential oil companies sell them in small bottles.

otherwise, i used to take ginger pills. since they aren’t a chew and are in capsules they are not spicy! and they helped me a lot.

hope this helps :white_heart:

here are the links to two of the things i suggested :relieved:

Not ginger again, but I found chewing/sucking on mint gum or candy helped ease my stomach better than ginger, as well as sipping carbonated water/drink. And also I always carried a light snack, I found an empty stomach tended to make the queasiness worse.

Have you tried ginger tea? That usually worked for me. And, like the others suggested, if ginger doesn’t work for you, then peppermint is a great alternative.

I lived on these things back when I was pregnant with my first….

Are you wearing seasick bands at all? Those could also help ease things. I actually have never been able to handle ginger while pregnant so my midwife had suggested lemons. For me that was drinking lemonade altho she had also suggested carrying one around and sniffing it when needed.

[name_u]Lemon[/name_u] flavoured hard candy worked for me - my main problem was a constant unpleasant taste in my mouth and that helped to mask it & lessened my nausea.

(I also ate crystallised ginger but that probably isn’t any milder than the chews you already tried!)

[name_f]Ginger[/name_f] biscuits used to work a treat for me!

I find this still too at 14.5 weeks :sweat_smile: I also usually keep a strong mint or a mini can of ginger ale to help too!

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