Mimi nn

Hey i was just wondering what name would [name]Mimi[/name] be a nickname for? many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

[name]Mimi[/name] could be a nn for a combined 1st & middle name (e.g., a nn for 2 M names, like [name]Margaret[/name] [name]Mireille[/name], etc.), esp. if one of the names is French. [name]Mimi[/name] sounds so French to me. [name]Love[/name] it!

I think [name]Mimi[/name] is a cute nickname. Some of these might be a bit of a stretch…


[name]Emilia[/name] [name]Mireille[/name] --> nn [name]Mimi[/name]
I love [name]Emilia[/name] or [name]Amelia[/name]!

I love these suggestions! :slight_smile:

For a long while we called my daughter [name]Mia[/name] [name]Mimi[/name].

Thanks a million, I never thought of the two M names suggestion which I would consider using in the future. [name]Love[/name] [name]Mimi[/name] as a nickname for [name]Amelia[/name] or [name]Mia[/name]:slight_smile:


My daughter is named [name]Maya[/name], but I call her [name]Mimi[/name] for her nickname.

[name]Eva[/name] - I love [name]Naomi[/name] and [name]Mimi[/name] would be super a cute nn for it.