Hey Berries,

What are your thoughts on the name [name_f]Mina[/name_f]? (mee-nah)

I love it as a nickname for my name, [name_f]Jasmine[/name_f]. I have been a [name_u]Jazz[/name_u]/[name_m]Jazzy[/name_m] since I was born and I am not a fan of it at all.

Thank you!

I like it. I also love minnie. :slight_smile:

I love it! I think it would be cute nickname for [name_f]Jasmine[/name_f] :slight_smile: As a full name, I think it has that cutesy feel without it actually being too cutesy - I can see an adult [name_f]Mina[/name_f] quite easily.