What are your thoughts on [name]Mirabelle[/name]? What comes to mind? [name]Do[/name] tell.

Also, thoughts on:


[name]Katherine[/name] (love the nn [name]Kitty[/name])

Looking forward to your opinions. Thanks!

I love [name]Mirabelle[/name], [name]Carter[/name]! :slight_smile: When I hear [name]Mirabelle[/name], I think of a beautiful, happy, artistic, whimsical little girl who grows up to be an elegant, sophisticated woman. I love how you can call her [name]Mira[/name] or [name]Belle[/name].

[name]Vivienne[/name]: I love [name]Vivienne[/name], too! I think of life first (I love the meaning of the name), and picture a polite-yet-spunky little girl who matures into a vibrant, elegant, sophisticated woman. (It’s a lot like [name]Mirabelle[/name] for me, except for the whimsy and the artistic feel.)

[name]Katherine[/name] (love the nn [name]Kitty[/name]): I picture a happy, spunky little [name]Kitty[/name] with a slightly serious side (I have no idea why) who loves to take care of her dolls and have tea parties.

I love these names! :slight_smile:

I hope you’re doing well!

love mirabelle… very feminine and sweet sounding to me.
love vivienne… sounds sophisticated and feminine.
like katherine… but seems really common right now, esp. the nn [name]Kate[/name]. My kindergarten age boy has 5 [name]Katherine[/name]/Kates in his class of 21.

I like [name]Mirabelle[/name] but prefer the spelling [name]Mirabel[/name].

[name]Love[/name] [name]Mirabelle[/name]! It is a beautiful name. I also love [name]Mabel[/name]. A little more simple but equally as sweet [name]IMO[/name]. [name]KAtherine[/name] nn [name]Kitty[/name] is adorable. [name]Vivienne[/name] is a pretty name not my favorite though. I like [name]Mirabelle[/name] and [name]Katherine[/name] much more then [name]Vivienne[/name]. I also think [name]Victoria[/name] is a very pretty name but I don’t care for it much… Maybe it’s just V names! Haha. I do love [name]Violet[/name] though and [name]Vance[/name]!

Haha! [name]Love[/name] the descriptions, [name]Jill[/name]! Thanks.

[name]Love[/name] love [name]Mirabelle[/name]. Great name!!!

[name]Vivienne[/name]: I don’t love it, but I think [name]Vivi[/name] is an adorable nn.

[name]Katherine[/name]: (nn [name]Kitty[/name]) Classic, but with spunky nickname. [name]Love[/name] it.

Good luck!


Maybe it’s just Friday afternoon pessimism, but I’m moved to point out the down side of each of these names, (along with their considerable up sides) –

[name]Mirabelle[/name] – very distinctive, but so many Isabelles, Belles, Bellas, Arabellas compromise the integrity of the name.

[name]Katherine[/name]/[name]Kitty[/name] – [name]Kitty[/name] is adorable and a stand-out nickname but yes, as someone said, there are an AWFUL lot of Katherines, Kates, and Katelyns around these days.

[name]Vivienne[/name] – [name]Angelina[/name] and [name]Brad[/name].

Thanks everyone!

I get that [name]Mirabelle[/name] might fall into the category of [name]Isabel[/name], [name]Bella[/name]… etc., but I don’t see it that way, for some reason. I see it as much more classic.

[name]Vivienne[/name] - I know there’s the whole Brangelina association, but I think that might pass in a few years after they have baby number 11.

[name]Katherine[/name] - I agree with everyone thinking it’s too popular.

Ugh! I’m never going to find “THE” name.

I’m really trying to work on my husband loving [name]Beatrice[/name]… I think I’m making some traction (or he just feels really bad and is agreeing with me to calm me down).

I think [name]Mirabelle[/name] is beautiful. [name]Marielle[/name] reminds of [name]Mirabelle[/name] with out the popular [name]Belle[/name]/[name]Bella[/name] ending.
[name]Vivienne[/name] is so gorgeous. I envision a sweet little [name]Vivi[/name] as a child and a drop dead gorgeous [name]Vivienne[/name] as an adult.
[name]Katherine[/name] to me is a solid name, respectable and successful. Although there may be quite a few [name]Kate[/name]'s, [name]Katelyn[/name]'s ect, I’ve never met a [name]Kitty[/name]. Sounds like [name]Katie[/name] with more spunk to me. I definitely wouldn’t forget a [name]Kitty[/name] if I met her.

I have a little [name]Mirabelle[/name]:slight_smile:

Sometimes I think the name is far too frilly and wish I had picked [name]Marielle[/name] but usually I love it.
I do worry about all the little [name]Isabel[/name]/la’s but [name]Mirabelle[/name] is usually called just [name]Mira[/name].
I think [name]Mira[/name] is such a beautiful nn!! [name]Mirabelle[/name]'s mn is [name]Jane[/name] and her sister is [name]Genevieve[/name] [name]May[/name].
[name]May[/name] and [name]Jane[/name] are family names.

I also [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Vivienne[/name]! I don’t think of Brangelina but soon they will have used all possible names anyway so I wouldn’t worry about that! I think of the word Vivid. Someone bright and brave and quick-witted. Who always wears red lipstick, long coats and hats.
[name]Vivienne[/name] seems to be a very image-associated name.

I love [name]Vivienne[/name]. It makes me think of someone full of life (because of the meaning)and also feminine and rather glamorous.
I quite like [name]Mirabelle[/name] too but it is a little too pretty and frilly for my personal taste. [name]Mira[/name] is a really sweet nn.
[name]Katharine[/name] is a lovely classic.