❗ Missing posts from today

Some of you might have noticed that the Forums have been displaying a “This site is in read-only mode” message for the past hour or so.

Our tech team has been working on re-introducing the name autolinking on the Forums but hit some technical difficulties. These have now been resolved, but to do so we’ve had to roll back by about 8 hours to reset everything.

Apologies to anyone who has made posts during this time! Unfortunately, there has been no way to save those, but please do re-create any topics or posts you’ve lost and I’m sure the community will have many more great responses to offer.

Thank you for your continuing patience while we try to get everything straightened out!


Thanks for the update. I was confused as to why posts I had made earlier were gone.

I don’t know about anyone else but posts aren’t loading for me now. For example someone may have replied to a game 11 minutes ago but I will only be able to see posts from 1+ days ago.

Maybe I should leave it for today and try again tomorrow?

That doesn’t sound right at all… I’m not having this issue but I’m very concerned to hear you are! Could you try logging out and back in to see if that helps jumpstart things?

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Hi there.

It’s working fine again now. It actually rectified itself just after I posted that comment.

Thank you.

Phew! :smile: Thanks for keeping me updated.