Missy...Do you agree?

Also, I have a cousin who goes by [name]Missy[/name] too. Her real name is Emicia though…

Wait…are you serious or sarcastic? Are you actually advocating that someone name their children [name]Man[/name] and [name]Missy[/name]!!!

[name]Missy[/name] is a nickname like [name]Baby[/name] or [name]Dolly[/name]. It’s like on the intro to Dirty Dancing. “It was a time when everyone called me [name]Baby[/name], and it didn’t occur to me to mind.” It might seem cute now, but no grown-up woman with a real life will appreciate it. It also reminds me of the “[name]Missy[/name]” section at low-end department stores.[/quote]

Thats not fair. She has an opinion. So do you, but you need to respect other people’s opinions.

She’s respecting her opinion. It just seems a little absurd that anyone would think naming your kids [name]Man[/name], Sir, [name]Guy[/name] and [name]Missy[/name] could possibly be okay. Throw in [name]Honey[/name], [name]Baby[/name], Lady and Ma’am and you’ve got the worst sibset known to [name]Man[/name].

I was just thinking [name]Missy[/name] might be a cute nickname for [name]Artemis[/name]. (Greek goddess.)

Not being mean at all, I also wondered if jls123 was being sarcastic.

That’s an awesome suggestion!

I too know an adult who is named [name]Melissa[/name] and goes by [name]Missy[/name] in her day to day life. I am thankful for that since my name is also [name]Melissa[/name] and it makes things far less confusing when we are together. That being said I have HATED it when people tried to call me [name]Missy[/name] over the years. Someone here posted how her mother called her “little missy” when she was upset, which is one of the thigns I connect it to. I also always saw [name]Missy[/name] as being ultra feminine, or even worse I saw it more as being prissy. The only person who got away with calling me that without getting a death stare was my elderly dance teacher and that was because she scared me. I think if someone truly loves the name [name]Missy[/name] then I would go the route of using it as a nickname with another more formal name. (but not [name]Melissa[/name] because that is very much an 80s name and that would be like someone in their 20s being named [name]Nancy[/name].)

So, you know how NB highlights and links names listed in posts in pink? It does that with [name]Man[/name]. Does that mean NB considers [name]Man[/name] to be a name? Oh, goodness, it does come up! Anyway, I don’t see how [name]Man[/name] is different from Boy, which is also a rather peculiar name. Come to think of it, my sister named her favorite doll growing up “Boy” - she wasn’t very creative back then. Ha!

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

Indeed. Horrors.

I have a serious dislike for [name]Missy[/name]. I’m sure it doesn’t help that all the Missys I’ve known are less than nice…but, yeah, even as a nickname I am far from on board.