MNs for Hannah

Sooo. I always have tons of trouble with [name]Hannah[/name]. Nothing ever really stands out to me, but I’ve been thinking about these combos lately. WDYT? I’ll probably attach a family name as a second MN, but this is what I’m working with now.

Also, any other fabulous [name]Hannah[/name] combos? When it comes to [name]Hannah[/name], I can always use as much help as I can get. :slight_smile:

[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name]

[name]Hannah[/name] Esmee ([name]Do[/name] you think this could honor my grandmother, since her MN was [name]Mae[/name]?)

[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Esmeralda[/name]

On a totally different note, do you think [name]Aurora[/name] and [name]Arianne[/name] are too close for sisters if one’s a FN and one’s a MN ([name]Isabelle[/name] [name]Aurora[/name] [name]Grace[/name] and [name]Arianne[/name] [name]Eleanor[/name] [name]Kate[/name])? [name]Both[/name] combos are in my top five, but I’m afraid it’s too much for sisters, which they likely could be.


I don’t like any of the combinations you listed because the vowel sound at the end of [name]Hannah[/name] and the vowel sounds at the beginnings of each of the middle names kind of run together. [name]How[/name] about [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Caroline[/name]? My cousin is named this and I think it’s just darling.

As for your other question, I don’t think those two names sound bad for sisters at all. I think [name]Aurora[/name] and [name]Arianne[/name] are quite different, and anyway, it’s not like they’re both first names, so I don’t think anyone will think anything of it.

From your combos I don’t think [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name] works because of the double “ah” sound in the middle and [name]Hannah[/name] Esmee and [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Esmeralda[/name] could work if there was another middle name between them. And have you considered the spelling [name]Hanna[/name]? I think it looks kind of elegant that way, plus it’s less popular. [name]Hannah[/name] is #22 while [name]Hanna[/name] is #516.

I would say [name]Aurora[/name] and [name]Arianne[/name] were too close if they were first names, but since one’s a middle and one’s a first I think it would be fine.

Here are some options for [name]Hannah[/name]:

[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Penelope[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Viola[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Cordelia[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] Pomeline
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Beatrice[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Lucille[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Cosette[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Thisbe[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Circe[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Phoebe[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Rowan[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Ruby[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] Delphine
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Lorraine[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Lotus[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Louisa[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Blodwen[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Pearl[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Ingrid[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Plum[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Theodora[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Imogen[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Muse[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Josephine[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Sophie[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Katherine[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Camille[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Stella[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Veronica[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Verona[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Scarlett[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Juliette[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Coraline[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Mollie[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Rosa[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Mila[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Daphne[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Velma[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Philomena[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Philippa[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Evelyn[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Rosalie[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Gabriella[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Maren[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Valentina[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Florence[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Priscilla[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Cecily[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Pandora[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Juno[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Christobel[/name]

[name]Hope[/name] this helps :slight_smile:

Urgh, I know about the vowel sounds, but [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name] and [name]Hannah[/name] Esmee are really the closest to [name]Hannah[/name] combos I’ve loved in a really long time. I’ve considered [name]Eve[/name], [name]Claire[/name], [name]Giselle[/name], [name]Cordelia[/name], and [name]Phoebe[/name] with [name]Hannah[/name], but I just don’t love them enough, or I have issues getting two MNs, and I want all my children to have two MNs. [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Phoebe[/name] would probably be the closest to being an option, but I don’t know that I love [name]Phoebe[/name] enough to use it, even as a MN.

@baileyanne–I actually [name]ADORE[/name] [name]Caroline[/name], but I don’t love it with [name]Hannah[/name]. :*(

@etak_llaw–snap! That’s a lot of names. lol. I love a lot of these–[name]Josephine[/name], [name]Sophie[/name], [name]Daphne[/name], and [name]Maren[/name]–but I don’t really love them with [name]Hannah[/name]. Sorry! I’m so picky about [name]Hannah[/name] combos, lol. [name]Maren[/name] could be an option for a second MN, though, since it’s a family name for me. :slight_smile: We’ll see. I have to figure out the first MN first, though.

What about [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Alice[/name] or [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Phoebe[/name]? Others that might be options, but I forgot about them. I just don’t know if I love them as much as [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name] or [name]Hannah[/name] Esmee.

Anyone else? I am really loving [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name] and [name]Hannah[/name] Esmee right now, but I feel like I’m missing the perfect combo. :confused:

[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Elise[/name], [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Isabel[/name], [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Claire[/name]…I really like [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name]. [name]Eva[/name] [name]Adele[/name] had been on my list.

Thanks! [name]Claire[/name] is a family name for me, so there’s a good likelihood that I could use [name]Claire[/name] as a second MN. I probably should have listed family names, since that’s what the second MN will be, most likely. They would be [name]Kate[/name], [name]Claire[/name], [name]Maren[/name], [name]Jane[/name]/[name]Giovanna[/name]/[name]Johanna[/name], [name]Rebecca[/name], [name]Pearl[/name], [name]Noelle[/name], [name]Grace[/name], [name]Wren[/name], [name]Lily[/name], and [name]Ruby[/name]. I think that’s it. haha.

I like [name]Isabel[/name], but [name]Isabelle[/name] is my favorite girls’ name, so I probably wouldn’t do [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Isabel[/name]. I do like [name]Elise[/name], but I don’t know, it feels weird to have more than one form of [name]Elizabeth[/name] on my top 10 at once.

What about [name]Maeve[/name] to honor [name]Mae[/name]?

Eh. I’ve REALLY REALLY REALLY tried to love [name]Maeve[/name], b/c I think it’d be a great way to honor her (pretty much any way to honor a [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Mae[/name] without using [name]Ruth[/name] or [name]Mae[/name] would be awesome–in my family, there’s already [name]Ruth[/name] [name]Mae[/name], [name]Jacquelyn[/name] [name]Ruth[/name], Jarylynn [name]Ruth[/name], [name]Jenna[/name] [name]Mae[/name], [name]Emma[/name] [name]Mae[/name], and [name]Natalie[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]!), but I just can’t love it. :confused:

I love [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name]. I think that’s gorgeous. What do you think of [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name] [name]Ruby[/name] or [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name] [name]Maren[/name]?

I think I like [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name] [name]Ruby[/name] better. My first thought with [name]Adele[/name] was [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name] [name]Wren[/name], but I like [name]Ruby[/name], too. I haven’t really tried to pair up family names yet. It’s been hard enough coming up with a name I like after [name]Hannah[/name]. :slight_smile:

I love [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name] or [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Ruby[/name]

Okay! More combos. I acutally had time to look some up today. [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Adele[/name] and [name]Hannah[/name] Esmee are still definitely in the running, but what do you think of these? I just want to make sure I’ve checked out all my options. :slight_smile:

[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Cecily[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Fleur[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Ginevra[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Iris[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Juniper[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Mireille[/name] (mee-[name]RAY[/name])
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Mercy[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Phoebe[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Sylvie[/name]
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Valeria[/name] (vah-LARE-ee-ah)

Of course, a family name will be attached at the end. [name]Feel[/name] free to attach family names from my earlier reply if you like, but I probably won’t try and figure out a family name until I’ve narrowed it down to 1-3 [name]Hannah[/name] combos.